How to fix COD Mobile Connecting to Server Recurring Problem


Connecting to Server is an annoying Call of Duty Mobile errors. This guide will help you to fix COD Mobile Connecting to Server problem that happens again and again.

COD Mobile Connecting to Server problem
COD Mobile Connecting to Server Problem

Connecting to Server – Call of Duty Mobile

Connecting to Server happens when the Call of Duty Mobile servers run out of resources to accommodate more gamers. This is a real-time multiplayer game that connects gamers across the globe through its servers. COD Mobile has become so much popular that it took only 1 week for this game to hit 100M downloads. The number of active users can be figured out by seeing how many accumulative downloads this game has raked in.

Connecting to Server is a very common error. It’s not something that happens once in a blue moon. It isn’t something that the developers can fix immediately. As long as the game is going to see a gradual increase in the number of its users, this problem is going to be there.

The downside of this error is that it can turn your victory into a defeat. If you are on the verge of winning a battle in the Battle Royale mode or if you are about to get your last kill to win the Frontline/Deathmatch mode, this error can disrupt the gameplay in one blow. Once the game restores, you will find that you have already lost.

Just to avoid this kind of mishap, you should give a try to a few solutions that can possibly fix the Connecting to Server error. Down below in this post, I am going to list a few solutions that may or may not work. I myself have been facing this problem and I wanted to share the solutions that have helped me to reduce its occurrence.

Take a look at the steps below to fix COD Mobile Connecting to Server problem now.

Fix COD Mobile Connecting to Server Recurring Problem

#1: Change Call of Duty Mobile Server

The first and foremost solution is to try using a new server. Call of Duty Mobile has 3 main servers. You can play with Southeast Asian players, Korean Players, or the International players. You can switch a new server to see if that fixes. International servers are going to have the highest amount of players for sure. The other servers will have different game data which means you will have to be careful with your choice. Here is how you can change Call of Duty Mobile server.

#2: Use A VPN to connect to a new Server [new region]

If you want to connect to a server of another region, you can try using a VPN. You can connect to another country like Canada, UK, Russia and then launch the game. The game will connect you to the server of that country and it will reduce the server connection errors.

#3: Check your Internet connection

Your internet connection has to be super stable for COD Mobile. If your WiFi has issues, try switching to Mobile Data and vice versa. Also, make sure that any other applications on your phone or computer are not putting the load on your internet. Fixing your poor internet can potentially fix the COD Mobile server error.

#4: Update the game

Check COD Mobile in the Play Store, App Store, and in the Gameloop for new updates. If there is a new update available, update the game immediately. New versions usually carry bug fixes and they help a lot with issues like the Server errors.


That’s all with the possible fixes for Server issues on Call of Duty Mobile. I hope that you have fixed the problem. If you have any other solution that I should add to this list, feel free to drop it in the comments below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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