How to fix COD Mobile Network Connection Unstable Error


Follow the steps given in this guide to fix the most annoying COD Mobile Network Connection Unstable error. The error appears as “Network Connection Unstable. Please wait. (0,100014).

Network Connection Unstable. Please wait. (0,100014)

There is a reason for me to call this the most annoying COD Mobile error. Basically, there are two types of errors. There are the ones which will not ruin your gameplay halfway through, and then there are the ones which will transform your victory into a defeat at the last moment. The Network Connection Unstable falls in the 2nd category.

COD Mobile Network Connection Unstable Error

Suppose that you are playing in the Frontline or the Deathmatch mode, and you are only 1 kill away from victory and your game pops this error up, your victory will turn into a defeat because, in that 1 second, your opponent will surpass you. Similarly, if you are the last man standing in Battle Royale mode with only one opponent, and this error shows up, you will end up losing that match too. For this very reason, it’s very very important to fix this error.

Now, this error has to do with your internet connection and the COD Mobile servers. At times, your internet can mess it up and at times, the load on Call of Duty Mobile servers can add to your bad luck. You cannot entirely get rid of this problem, but you can take measures to prevent it most of the time.

I am going to list a few fixes that will bring down the number of times this error appears. Apply the solutions one by one to see which one works the best for you.

Fix COD Mobile Network Connection Unstable Error

#1: Make sure you have a stable internet connection

As mentioned above, your internet connection has to be super stable for COD Mobile to work flawlessly. You can try connecting to a different internet connection to see if the problem goes away. Otherwise, the following solutions will be of some help.

#2: Update your Call of Duty Mobile game

Games like COD Mobile receive minor stability updates every now and then. If there is something on the game’s end which is causing the Network Connection Unstable error, the developers will definitely fix it with the help of updates. You can check for new updates. If there is one available, update it immediately.

#3: Try changing COD Mobile server

The server load is one major reason behind this problem. Here is how you can change your COD Mobile server.

#4: Clear the Cache & Data of COD Mobile

Clearing the cache of your game can give it a fresh start. If you clear the data as well, it will ask you to re-login and start everything fresh. Before doing this, sync your data to your COD Mobile account. Not having the data synced will result in data loss after clearing the cache and data. Here is how to clear COD Mobile Cache & Data.

#5: Switch between WiFi and Mobile Data

If you have a good amount of Mobile Data, you can switch to it from your WiFi to see if it improves your gameplay. You can also switch from Mobile Data to WiFi if you were facing issues on Mobile Data.


Those were all the possible fixed of the Network Connection Unstable error. If you have managed to fix the problem using one of these solutions, make sure to let us know. Also, feel free to ask any questions or drop your feedback in the comments section below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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