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Techbeasts – As the name suggests, we at Techbeasts.com aim to cover and bring you the latest news and trends in Technology. To keep your interest alive for the gadgets, provide you all the best methods to update(this includes updating Android Roms, Custom Roms, modifying the phone, play and make changes to your gadgets is one of our priorities.

Techbeasts.com is supported by true technology geeks at the back-end who always remain keen to mess with the latest devices including smartphones and other similar gadgets running on iOS and Android. The purpose is to test all the methods/guides first by ourselves and then provide to the users in order to assure the users about it. We will mainly remain concerned with Android.

Meet Our Team

Our team is highly professional and is used to expertise everything first before providing you. We will always focus on giving you the best and easy techniques regarding Android devices.

To begin meeting with our team, Let’s start with the Founder – Usama Mujtaba

usama0_1361903059_93A software engineer from Pakistan, dedicated to making a name for himself in the world of technology – Usama was never good at studies. The main reason being, all great people run counter to false traditions of society. While his parents, like most of the parents, wanted him to be a doctor or engineer when he would grow up, Usama was looking for something else. Usama’s aim has never been to do something for money, but to do something so great that he can help others around him.

He realized it at an early age that if he follows the path set by his parents, he might never be able to achieve his goals. His first step in the world of blogging was Farmvillers. At first, as expected, he did not get any support from his family. However, he kept on working and soon his family recognized his capabilities.

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Partner & Admin: Ali Raza

Ali Raza

Ali’s love is pretty much biased towards Apple. On Techbeasts, he brings all the How To’s guides, Best Apps sets and other stuff for the Apple iPhone(s) and iPad(s). Ali also has a keen interest in windows, besides that, he always loves to change the wallpapers on his gadgets every day and he will be bringing you some cool wallpapers collections as well, also he loves to post about all the latest News from the Hardware Industry, AMD, Nivida, Intel and Microsoft.

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Editor: Michael Graeme

Michael is a technology enthusiast based in Texas. He has a knack for all things tech. He loves tweaking gadgets and solving everyday tech problems. Michael’s love for technology has urged him to share his knowledge with the readers on different online platforms. At TechBeasts, Michael’s aim is to help users master their smartphones and other smart devices.

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