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From here you can download Gameloop Emulator for Call of Duty Mobile. Gameloop is the official COD Mobile Emulator by Tencent. It works on Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Gameloop Emulator


Gameloop – Tencent Gaming Buddy Revamped!

Tencent Gaming Buddy was the official Android Emulator for PUBG Mobile. The emulator came from none other than the developers of PUBG Mobile. Tencent itself allowed gamers to play the mobile version of PUBG on their computers. Where this move was highly disliked by mobile gamers, it was equally liked by those who always wanted to play PUBG on their computer for free. The official desktop version of PUBG was not free to play, however, Tencent made the mobile version free for everyone. Desktop gamers had a huge edge over mobile gamers. They easily stayed ahead of PUBG Mobile’s Mobile players.

Come October 2019 and there’s another game coming out from Tencent’s camp. This time we have the Call of Duty Mobile, a game that may end up diverting all the audience from PUBG Mobile. In fact, a huge number of users have already switched from PUBG Mobile to COD Mobile because of its amazing gameplay. Following its own trend, Tencent once again did what it did with PUBG Mobile. The company updated its Tencent Gaming Buddy with support for Call of Duty Mobile.

Gameloop Emulator

Not only that, but Tencent has also changed the name of its emulator. The Tencent Gaming Buddy with native support for COD Mobile is now called Gameloop. Tencent might have changed the name to make the emulator look more prominent for a new game. That said, the emulator once again gives the desktop players an edge over mobile players.

With the Gameloop, players can use the Mouse and Keyboard, or a Gamepad to dominate over the game. There was Gamepad support in the mobile version of COD Mobile earlier, but Tencent removed the support and right now, there are only touch controls for the phone users. But if you are a desktop gamer or if you are using your laptop to play COD Mobile, you can get that advantage via Keyboard and Mouse.

Gameloop Emulator

The controls are highly customizable in Gameloop. You can change the configuration for each and every single key. There are separate controls for Multiplayer and Battle Royale Mode. Furthermore, Tencent has introduced different controls to handle the Helicopter.

On top of these controls, you can also change the graphics settings in Gameloop. To cut it short, you can transform the COD Mobile into a full-fledge desktop game. If you have been a player of Call of Duty in the past, you are absolutely going to love this game on the computer.

Gameloop supports Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 at the moment. It doesn’t run on macOS. If you want to play COD Mobile on Mac, you can get an Android emulator from our list of Best Emulators for COD Mobile on PC.

Go ahead to download Gameloop Emulator for Call of Duty Mobile now. The instructions to install it and run COD on it are given in the video attached below.

Download Gameloop Emulator

Gameloop Emulator for Call of Duty Mobile – Download

  • Open the emulator’s setup on your computer and install it.
  • After installation, open the emulator and click on the “Download” button appearing next to COD Mobile.
  • Wait for the game to be downloaded/installed. Once done, launch the game. That’s all.

Video on Gameloop Emulator for COD Mobile

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