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Updated: 12/11/2020. China does not allow Google Apps on its Android phones. Therefore, all the Chinese smartphone makers have to ship the phones without any Google Apps. This includes all the applications like Play Store, Play Service, Play Books, Play Games and anything else that’s related to Google. China has this strict policy against social media giants too. For example, you cannot use Facebook, Twitter and other such platforms in China. The country has such policies as it intends to protect the privacy of its users.Google Installer APK

So, if you recently bought a phone from a Chinese maker, it probably lacks all the Google Apps. For an Android phone, especially outside China, survival without Google Apps is nearly impossible. There are millions of Chinese phones that are brought outside China every day.

Such users need a way to access Google Apps on their phone. And why not? They have every single right to install whatever they like. The Play Store is a house to over 4 Million applications in the Play Store after all.

The Play Store is also the best source to install Apps on an Android phone. Using any third party application store can potentially harm your phone. Android users can completely trust the applications coming from Google.

Alongside the Play Store, you can also install all other basic Google applications which are essential for Android. China definitely blocks the Google Apps on its phones, but thankfully, it doesn’t restrict the users from installing those apps.

It means you can manually install the Google Apps like Google Play Store, Google Play Services, and others on a phone. To make this process easy, a developer came up with a package called Google Installer.

The Google Installer can be installed as a simple application. The installer will, later on, let you install the entire package of Google Apps. The Google Installer works on almost all Chinese phones.

You can download the Google Installer on Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Samsung and all other phones. The latest version of Google Installer is V3.0. Latest Google Installer V3.0 works flawlessly in MIUI 9 too. Chines phone users can download Google Installer V3.0 APK from here.

The instructions to install Google Installer APK are also given in the guide below. Go ahead and get the Google goodies on your phone without any further ado.

Update 9/25/2019: Google Core Installer for EMUI 10 & Below

A new version of Google Core Installer is available. It can install all the missing Google Framework and Services apps including the Google Play Store on your phone running on EMUI 10 and below. The new app has been tested on the Huawei Mate 30 series and it was found running flawlessly. You can download the latest Google Core Installer from below.

Google Core Framework & Services Installer: Download

Google Installer APK V3.0 for Chinese Phones

  1. Download Google Installer APK V3.0 and copy it to your phone – Download Link.
  2. Now on your phone, open Settings > Security or Lock Screen & Security > Unknown Sources > Tap the radio button or checkbox to enable.
  3. Using a file manager, locate the Google Installer APK V3.0 on your phone.
  4. Tap the Google Installer APK to start its installation. Follow on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.
  5. Now open newly installed Installer from the App Drawer.
  6. Tap the big circle appearing at the bottom to start Google Apps installation process.
  7. Now tap Install > Ok > Install > Ok > Google Play.
  8. You will now find an option in Chinese, simply tap the Chinese option > Allow > Next.
  9. Your phone will now ask for some permissions. Allow it immediately.
  10. Restart your phone now. The Google Framework should be installed.

Google Play Store not appearing after installing Google Installer?

If the Play Store fails to appear after following the procedure given above, you may have to install it manually. The basic purpose of the Installer was to install the Google Framework, which lays the basis for Google Apps on your phone. You are now free to manually install the Services and Play Store. Download the latest Google Play Store and Play Services APK. Install the APKs as normal apps and it should go fine.

  • Google Play Services 12.6.73Download
  • Google Play StoreĀ 10.3.12-all [0][PR] 198814133 – Universal – Download
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