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If you own a Galaxy device, you must have heard of Odin. But just in case you don’t have an idea about it yet, then being a Samsung Galaxy owner, you must have know about the Odin and you also need to know how to use it. Odin is Samsung’s little flashtool, that puts the lives of Galaxy device at ease in so many cases.

Whether you need to install a stock firmware on your device or you want to load some custom stuff on your Galaxy device, Odin is going to help you. Odin’s reason of popularity is flashing the stock firmware, but it can also help you to flash root packages (CF-Autoroot etc). Odin can also help you to flash custom recoveries on your Samsung Galaxy. Most of the recovery files come in .tar or .tar.md5 format, which is an Odin friendly format. Also, most of the developers make their kernels Odin flashable. In some cases, you may be able to flash a custom ROM using Odin, but that isn’t very much common. Using Odin you can also flash Bootloader, Modem and CSC files.

Apart from this, Odin is a life saviour if your device is soft bricked. A soft brick device can access download mode, and download mode, which is also known as Odin mode, that helps you to load a stock kernel, stock firmware which fixes your devices and brings it back to life.

If you have messed up the partitions of your device, you can recover your device by flashing the appropriate PIT file, which is also flashable in Odin. So all in all, Odin3 isn’t only for one purpose, but it can actually help you to unleash the real power of your Samsung Galaxy device by keeping you on the safe end all the time. Let’s have a look on the summed up features of Odin and then head towards the download links for all versions of Odin.

Odin 3.10.6 Explained_Techbeasts


  1. Flash stock firmwares to reset your device to stock, or to unroot it or to recover it if it is bricked.
  2. Flash custom recoveries.
  3. Flash custom kernels.
  4. Flash root packages.
  5. Flash modem files.
  6. Flash bootloader files.
  7. Flash CSC files.
  8. Flash PIT files for repartitioning.

Odin’s very first version was Odin3 v 1.70. Right now it has reached the version number 3.10.6. In the early stages, Odin supported limited devices which were available at that time. As Samsung brought up new devices, Odin also saw new versions with support for those devices. You can download all versions of Odin using the links below.

New Odin 3.12.3 and 3.11.1 Available:

Latest Odin 3.13.1 is now available for newer Galaxy phones. Download Odin 3.13.1 for PC [Odin3 v3.13.1]


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