Download Google Camera APK for Galaxy A71 [GCam 7.0]


Samsung Galaxy A71 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 730. This opens the door for Camera2API, which means you can eventually install the GCam on your phone. This is the guide to download Google Camera APK for Galaxy A71. The Galaxy A71 Gcam installation and configuration steps are also given below.

Galaxy A71 Google Camera
Running GCam 7.0 on my Galaxy A71

Google Camera for Galaxy A71

Just like the Galaxy A70, the Google Camera will now work on your Galaxy A71. The latest GCam 7.0 which is compatible with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730, has been found running flawlessly on the A71. I have personally tested the GCam and to my surprise, almost all the features are working.

The main purpose of Google Camera includes the high dynamic range shots, portraits, and the night sight mode. Fortunately, all these three modes are working up to the mark on the Galaxy A71. The Face Retouching feature also works up to the mark. In my own GCam test, I took a number of portrait shots, the night sight pictures, and the HDR and HDR+ pictures. As always, the GCam does a great job separating the subject from the background in the portrait mode. The HDR is superb with the highest level of detail and equally balancing all the colors in a picture. The night sight also tries to lit up the low-light situations keeping the noise minimum.

Google Camera outputs completely different colors from the stock camera application of the Galaxy A71. For example, the stock camera’s dynamic range is very poor. On the other hand, the Google Camera outputs superb details on that part. I have attached the samples that you can take a look at. I have also attached my own video which explains how you can set up and configure the Google Camera on Galaxy A71. Go ahead, take a look at the steps and watch the video as well.

Download Google Camera APK for Galaxy A71

PMGC 7.0 APK for Galaxy A71 New Link | Download

  1. Copy the APK to your Galaxy A71.
  2. On the A71, open the file manager and open the APK.
  3. Install the APK now.
  4. Launch the Google Camera.
  5. Now go to the Settings > set the Video resolution to FHD.
    • Turn on the video stabilization.
    • Now go to the Advanced settings and turn on the Focus Tracking, Google Photos, RAW & JPEG Control, Maximum Brightness, and Face Retouching.
  6. You are all set to capture cool photos using Google Camera on Galaxy A71

Google Camera on Galaxy A71 – Video


GCam for Galaxy A71 is not in the best form, but for the most part, it works fine. For example, you have got the main features like the portrait, night sight, and HDR+ working on it, but the video and slow modes do not work as of now. Since this is an experimental application, we may or may not get an update fixing what’s broken right now. Let me know about your experience with the GCam on your A71. Do you find it better than your stock camera app? Drop your feedback in the comments below or on my YouTube video.

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  1. Hi, I have installed PMGC 7.0.009.apk on my new A71. Everything is fine except video. When you try to catch a video, the moment you touch the shutter, it is recording a video of 0.0 seconds (in other words is like taking a picture). That’s it. Can you please help ? Many thanks in advance. Daniel

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