Oreo Firmware Installation Issue in Odin for Samsung? Here’s How to Fix


Now you all know that Samsung has released Oreo updates for Galaxy S8 and S8+. This new update has the Samsung Oreo features such as Picture-in-Picture, redesigned Settings app, and more. Apparently, we have seen many users are reporting that they cannot install Oreo Firmware using Odin. The main issue most of the users are facing is that when they load all the files Odin freezes up. That’s why we have prepared this tutorial to help you out. Let’s start to Fix Oreo Firmware Installation Issue in Odin for Samsung.

Senior Member murtaza02 at XDA has posted a method which will help you get rid of the Oreo Firmware Installation Issue in Odin. Seems like Samsung has added a new file with .lz4 extension and that’s is new. This is what causing all the fuss, murtaza02 has found a way to go around and flash the Oreo Firmware file using Odin. So let get to it.

Oreo Firmware Installation Issue in Odin

Oreo Firmware Installation Issue in Odin:

Heed the instructions below in order to Fix Oreo Firmware Installation Issue in Odin for Samsung devices. This method is very simple people, so just follow the steps as stated and you won’t mess this up. First, you need to have everything, check the list below.


  • Galaxy S8/S8+ (G950F / G950FD / G955F / G955FD).
  • Modded version of 7Zip which can open .lz4 files. Download.
  • Prince Comsy’s modified Odin. Download
  • You need to find the correct CRAP ROM. Here
  • Windows PC.

Fix Oreo Firmware Installation Issue in Odin for Samsung Devices:

  • First, Download the 7zip and Install it on your Windows PC.
  • Download the firmware and extract it, you’ll get 5 files named AP, BL, CP, CSC_OXM, and HOME_CSC_OXM.
  • All of the extracted files will be in .tar.md5 extension. Now let’s start the tricky and hectic part.
  • You have to rename all the files and remove .md5 from all the names. In other words, we are changing all the files into .tar.
  • Now once you are through with all the renaming process, extract the .tar files using 7zip into separate folders. (This is the important part so pay attention). You have to extract all the files in sperate folder otherwise you’ll mix all up.
  • Form each extracted file you’ll get a folder and few files. Now you have to extract .lz4 files -> right-click -> select -> 7-zip Zstandard > Extract here.
  • Once all the .lz4 files are extracted, you’ll get all the original files compatible with Odin. Now you either delete or move the lz4 files.
  • You have to repeat the same process with all of the 5 files you have extracted from firmware file.
  • When you are through with the all the .lz4 files, select all the files and metadata folder -> Right Click -> Select 7-zip Zstandard > Add to archive.
  • Since we need the files which are compatible with Odin, we have to rename them as they were. for e.g: AP file was named AP_G955FXXU1CRAP_CL12993656_QB16754780_REV00_user_low_ship_meta.tar. Save it with the same name and make sure you select the Archive format as tar.
  • Again you have to repeat the same process for all files. It won’t take that long. Once you are done, you can easily flash all the files using Odin. 

That’s all. This is how you can fix Oreo Firmware Installation Issue in Odin for Samsung devices. Please let us know how did it go for you.

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