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Updated: 09/05/2020. The JOdin tool’s working version as of November 2019 has been added in this post. If you are looking forward to using this tool on the latest macOS, you can do so now. Any further updates will be added as soon as we get them.

Download Odin (Jdoin3) For MAC OSX. Odin3 is Samsung’s little tool for flashing firmware, recoveries, bootloaders or modem files on a Samsung Galaxy device. If you’ve had a good experience with Samsung devices, you must be well aware of the tool, however just in case you don’t know, this tool paves a way for Samsung Galaxy users to a vast world of Android MODs and tweaks. With the help of Odin3, Samsung Galaxy users can unleash the true power of their device.

The tool actually becomes handy when your device is soft-bricked and you can’t find a way to fix it. By flashing stock firmware using Odin3, you can restore your device to complete stock firmware, or in case you want to unroot your device, flashing stock firmware will do the job as well. In case you want to flash a different Modem or Bootloader prior to installing a custom ROM on your device, Odin3 is going to be used to perform this task.

Most of the custom recoveries also come in .tar.md5 or .tar format, the only way to flash these files may be through Odin3, while one of the major uses for which Odin is very well known, is the CF-Autoroot. CF-Autoroot is Chainfire’s rooting script available for 100s of devices. By flashing through Odin3, this tool can root your device in a blink of an eye.

You sure have a pretty good idea about Odin3 now. Let’s get back to our topic for now. Until a while back, Odin3 was only available for Windows PC. That means if you own a Macbook or a Linux computer, you may not be able to use Odin3 on the OS directly. Users had installed a VMware to run Windows OS and then use Odin3. This thing has forbidden a number of MAC users from enjoying the open-source nature of Android on their Galaxy Devices.

To cheer such users up, famous XDA developer Adam Outler has ported Odin3 to MAC and named it as JOdin3. JOdin3 works with Heimdell, that was previously available for MAC, but now users can do their tasks much more easily using JOdin3. If you have had experience with Odin3 on a Windows PC, you would love to know that JOdin3 comes with no difference, this tool is pure the same as that of the original Odin3. You can flash files in .tar.md5 and other formats using PDA, Bootloader, Phone & CSC Tab. Let’s go through the download and installation instructions now and get it running on your MAC OSX.


Download Odin (Jdoin3):


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At the time of writing this post, JOdin3 doesn’t support flashing large files, e.g. Firmware files. The tool is useful to flash Recovery, Root, Modem or Bootloader files. Furthermore, the tool is self explanatory, it will guide you through all the steps in order to get the flashing process done.


  • Install the latest version of Java on your MacBook. [important]
  • Download & install the latest version of Heimdall | Mirror on your MacBook. [important]
  • Make sure that you do not have Samsung Kies installed on your MacBook.
  • Disconnect all unnecessary USB devices.
  • Use original data cable to establish a connection between your device and MacBook.
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your Galaxy device.
  • Download the correct recovery, root or your desired file.

How to use:

  1. There are two ways to use this tool. You can either access it online, or you can download the offline version. Both have the same functionality.
  2. Open theΒ online JOdin3 or download the offline JOdin3 on your MacBook.
  3. Click your desired tab now, for example, click on the “PDA” tab.
  4. Select your desired .tar.md5 file now.
  5. Put your device in download mode and connect it to your MacBook now. In order to boot into download mode, turn off your device completely. Now turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Down + Home + Power Key. Once in the download mode, connect it to your MacBook.
  6. Make sure that all options in JOdin3 are unticked except for the Auto-Reboot option.
  7. Click the “Start” button now, JOdin3 will ask you for PIT file of your device. All the tool to obtain this file for you.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions now and get the flashing done successfully.
  9. That’s all. Good Luck πŸ™‚
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  1. You really should elaborate on “Make sure that you do not have Samsung Kies installed on your MacBook.”

    I have Kies installed. now what???

  2. Just in case all of you haven’t figured this out, if you click on the link to go to the ONLINE VERSION, there are download links there that are working

  3. How did you get Heimdall installed on El Capitan? My computer keeps saying that there is a compatibility issue.

  4. im not able to download odin for my macbook air, its on le capital , any help from where can i get the working download link !!!

  5. So basically it would seem, that as a mac user with a broken android device you are screwed. Heimdall hasn’t updated their app to work with any newish version of Mac-OS X, and JOdin, the front end for Heimdal has an online version which isn’t available and the downloadable version, also not available but that I found instead on sofpedia doesn’t work!!!

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