How to install Bootloader and Modem on Samsung Galaxy


Bootloader and Modem are the two most essential parts of a Samsung Galaxy phone’s firmware. Bootloader and Modem are basically the heart of a firmware for any Samsung phone. Whenever Samsung rolls out a new firmware, the Bootloader and Modem versions are changed first of all. Usually, the terms Bootloader and Modem are not very commonly mentioned since they are bundled inside a firmware. Samsung users only come across these terms particularly when they have to flash a custom ROM or they have to root the device.install Bootloader and Modem on Samsung Galaxy

The custom ROMs and root procedures are mostly built for a specific version of the Bootloader and the Modem. This is more common with the custom ROMs. In order to install a specific custom ROM, you need your phone to be running on a very particular Bootloader and Modem number. Flashing a ROM on a Bootloader and Modem which doesn’t meet the criteria can potentially brick a phone. Most of the custom ROMs provide the Bootloader/Modem files that the users can easily flash on their phones.

Now, the real problem comes up, when a custom ROM or any custom MOD developer has linked the Bootloader/Modem files but hasn’t told how to flash those files. I have seen many friends getting confused about these files and they end up staying away from a custom ROM even when they want a ROM badly. So keeping this trouble in view, I am writing this guide today to help all the Samsung Galaxy users.

This tutorial will now explain how to install Bootloader and Modem on Samsung Galaxy. There are two different methods to flash these files. It depends on what kind of package have you got. I will explain both the methods so that you can choose it according to the kind of files you have.

Install Bootloader and Modem on Samsung Galaxy


  1. Samsung USB Drivers – Download and install
  2. Odin 3.13.1 – Download and extract
  3. Find your required BL/CP files from a credible source.

Bootloader/Modem in 1 file – AP

This method is for the users who have got both the Modem and the Bootloader in one file. The file should be having the .tar format. In such a case, this file can be flashed in the AP tab of the Odin. Here is how to flash it.

  1. Put your Samsung phone in Download Mode. To do so, turn it off first. Now press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power button.
  2. Connect your phone to the computer now.
  3. The ID:COM box in Odin will turn Blue now. You will find “Added” status in the Logs.
  4. Now click on the AP tab in Odin.
  5. Select the Bootloader/Modem file now.
  6. Click on Start button and wait for the files to be flashed.

Bootloader in BL and Modem in CP

Sometimes, the Bootloader and Modem files come in different packages. In this case, these files have their own respective format. To flash the files, you have to load them in the BL and CP tabs respectively. Here is how to flash.

  1. Put your Samsung phone in Download Mode.
  2. Connect the phone to the computer now. The ID:COM box in Odin will turn blue.
  3. Now click on the BL tab and select the Bootloader file.
  4. Similarly, click on the CP tab and select the Modem file.
  5. Now click on the start button and let it flash the files. That’s all.

So, that’s how you installed the files on your phone. Now that you have updated your phone to your desired Bootloader and Modem, you can go ahead and flash a custom ROM or root your phone. If you have any queries or you are stuck with something, feel free to reach out to me through the comment box below.

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