FIX COD MOBILE Network Error (4,28)(4,50)(4,51)(4,35)


Facing Call of Duty Mobile Network error? Here is how you can fix COD Mobile Network Error (4,28)(4,50)(4,51)(4,35). You will also fix the Network connection unstable. Please wait. (0, 100014) error.

Call of Duty Mobile Network Errors

Call of Duty Mobile has been suffering from Network Errors since day 1. I’m not talking about the day of the final release of this game, I’m talking about the day the Call of Duy Mobile: Legends of War was released. When Call of Duty Mobile entered its beta stage and made it to regions like India, it encountered errors like 4,28, 4,50, and 4,51. These days, when the game has fully released across the globe, it’s coming up with the 4,35 Network Error. Another new error is the Network connection unstable. Please wait. (0, 100014).

Call of Duty Mobile Network Error

These errors do not occur all the time. They occur once or twice in a day and sometimes, they don’t appear at all. There are multiple reasons which can result in the Network error. Down below in this post, I’m going to list down a few solutions that will help you get past the COD Mobile Network Error.

Take a look at the solutions and make sure you apply them one by one.

FIX COD MOBILE Network Error (4,28)(4,50)(4,51)(4,35)

#1: Update Call of Duty Mobile

The very first thing you should do is to check if you are running on the latest version of COD Mobile or not. The developers have fixed most of the issues including the Network Error. If you are still facing this problem, check the App Store for COD Mobile updates. If you happen to be running on the latest version already, you can check the solutions given below.

#2: Make sure you have a stable internet connection

To play COD Mobile, you have to have a very stable internet connection. You can try switching between Mobile Data and WiFi to see if it fixes the problem. Remember that COD Mobile is a real-time multiplayer game that requires server connectivity all the time. If you have poor internet, you will not only face Network Error but will also face the server connection problems.

#3: Stop using a VPN

Back in the day, players were using VPN to play COD Mobile. That was because the game was available in India only. If you are still mistakenly using the VPN, you need to stop using it because COD Mobile is available worldwide now. Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of COD Mobile.

#4: Try changing the COD Mobile Server

In caes you think that the problem is with that specific server because the extra load on servers can sometimes cause network problems, you can try changing the server. Here is how to change the COD Mobile server on your phone and in the Gameloop as well.

#5: Re-install the game

The last solution would be to uninstall the game and reinstall it. Before unisntalling make sure that you have synced all your data with an account. If you were playing as a guest and you uninstall the game, your progress will be lost.


Those were all the possible solutions to the COD Mobile Network problems. If you have discovered some other solution for such a problem, make sure that you share it with other COD players in the comment section below. Also, if you have anything to ask or share, feel free to contact us. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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