How to change Call of Duty Mobile server in Gameloop


Not liking your current Call of Duty Mobile server on PC? It’s time to change it. Here is how you can change Call of Duty Mobile server in Gameloop.

Call of Duty Mobile – Mulitple Servers

Call of Duty Mobile is the game that everyone is talking about right now. It took only 3 days for this game to become the most popular smartphone game in the world. The game is not limited to smartphones only. Its developers have also built an emulator to let users run it on the PC. Gameloop happens to be the official Call of Duty Mobile emulator.

On the first day of its release, the game ran into server issues. A lot of players were unable to connect to the server and somewhere not able to get past the loading screen or getting version info. Those issues seemed to be server-specific. Although the developers fixed all those issues, some users opted for other available servers of Call of Duty Mobile.

change Call of Duty Mobile server

When you install this game, it asks you what server you want to play it on. There are three servers in total. We have the International Servers, Asian Servers, and the Korean servers.

All these servers have their own elements in the game. When you will play on the international servers, your matches will be made with the players all across the globe. Asian and Korean servers will definitely keep you limited to the players of their respected regions. There is a high chance that these servers will also have a specific language. For example, the Korean server may or may not have a game in the Korean language.

So, those of you who are facing the server connection problems, they can try switching to another server. Also, if you want to play with an entirely different group of players, you may try changing the server in that case too. It’s incredibly easy to change server on Call of Duty Mobile when playing on Android or iOS smartphone. However, it’s a bit tricky to change the server in the Gameloop emulator.

Take a look at the steps below to change Call of Duty Mobile server in Gameloop.

Change Call of Duty Mobile server in Gameloop

  • Open the Gameloop emulator on your computer.
  • On the left side in the emulator, click on “My Games”.
change Call of Duty Mobile server
  • You will see Call of Duty Mobile there now.
  • Below Call of Duty Mobile’s Play button, you will find “Change Server”.
change Call of Duty Mobile server
  • Click on it and you will see three options i.e. Southeast Asia, Korea, and your selected server, probably International.
  • Now you can download the server you want and you can also remove a downloaded server from the list of your servers.

Keep in mind that these servers have different data. Your game will not remain the same after changing the server which is why you need to sure of what you are going to do. It’s very easy to switch your server back. You will not lose your game progress by changing the server.


By this time, you should be playing COD Mobile on your desired server. Let us know if you have discovered something new on another server. Also, feel free to list down the differences between the servers. If you have anything to ask or share, use the comments box below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Alterei o servidor , agora o bota de alterar não aparece mais e está dando a mensagem :
    we are excited to see your interest in call of duty mobile, but unfortunately we are not yet ready to release the game in your area stay tuned and thanks for your patience (5027).

    Há como resolver ?

  2. Im from Indonesia. At first, I can play this game using gameloop, but know I can’t (error-5027)i couldnt find the ‘change server’ icon in gameloop homescreen (my games). Any idea to fix it?

  3. Sir/Maam, im trying to find the change server icon in gameloop, but i cant find it. does the gameloop or COD remove it? how can i transfer from asia to global server?

  4. is there anything i could do to fix this pls ? http status 403 – forbidden ! i got it while trying login to my activition acc on pc, this is also my first time facing this while trying login to my acc

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