Best Free CamScanner Alternatives 2020


Looking for CamScanner Alternatives? You have landed at the right place. Here you will find the best free CamScanner Alternatives. Before taking a look at the CamScanner alternatives, let us take a look at what CamScanner is and why do you need its alternatives.

Best Free CamScanner Alternatives
Best Free CamScanner Alternatives

The advent of smartphones made it very easy for people to keep a record of everything. Long ago, people stopped keeping the hard copies of their bills, challans, ID, passport, and other such documents. The cameras on smartphones helped users to capture the pictures of any documents.

People started relying more on the pictures rather than the actual hard copies of documents of importance. And obviously, it wasn’t that easy to head over to a printing/scanning ship just to get your documents scanned. Smartphones made things easy in every possible way.


How CamScanner beautified scanning?

Sharing the documents has never been this easy before. People today can snap the pictures of documents and send them out via Email, WhatsApp, and Messenger on the go. Now that this has become a norm, someone wanted to beautify this process and came up with the idea of CamScanner. It is undoubtedly one wonderful application.

With CamScanner, you can capture the pictures of documents, but they will not be the ordinary pictures. The magical process of CamScanner transforms your pictures into a look that you would usually get from an original scanner. The digitally transformed documents look way better than the ordinarily captured images.

CamScanner can also make PDF files of the documents you scan. This way, the documents look professional scanned as if you got them scanned from a shop. The quality/resolution of the scanned document is so high that you can go into each and every minor detail by zooming in. So basically, you are turning your phone into a scanner with the help of applications like CamScanner.

Flattering the concept of CamScanner

Whenever a concept takes the shape of an application for the first time, it ends up having a few downsides. Not exactly the downsides, but a new concept needs a lot of polishing. It takes a number of iterations for the developers to achieve perfection. They keep on coming with the applications based on the same concept until they achieve what they exactly want.

Developers keep on introducing new features to the application to see what users like the most. In the end, the users have a wide range of applications to perform one same thought. Since the users have freedom of choice, they can pick up whatever application fulfills their needs.

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The reason for explaining all this is that today, there is a number of applications similar to CamScanner. CamScanner is still, arguably, the best application to scan your documents, but just in case you don’t like this very application, you do have many other choices.

All such applications have their own pros and cons. Some applications give you additional features that you will not find in the CamScanner application.

So, in this post, we will take a look at the best free CamScanner alternatives. The CamScanner alternatives are handpicked after doing extensive research. These best free CamScanner alternatives are completely safe to use. All these CamScanner alternatives work up to the mark.

Best Free CamScanner Alternatives

HP Smart

Best Free CamScanner Alternatives
Image – HP Smart

HP Smart is HP’s official assistant application for its smart printer lineup. All the HP printers that have the WiFi capability, they can be controlled via the HP Smart application. I am listing this application here at the first number because of my personal experience. It doesn’t matter if you do not have an HP Printer, the features of this application are for all the Android and iPhone users.

You can download the HP Smart application to scan your documents. The scanned documents are exported in a very high-resolution PDF file or a JPEG file. The scanned files can be edited as well. The scanner in the HP Smart application is quite efficient which makes it the best alternative to CamScanner.

HP Smart for Android | HP Smart for iPhone

Adobe Scan

Best Free CamScanner Alternatives
Image – Adobe Scan

When it comes to creating PDF files, editing the PDFs, or going anything related to documents, nothing beats Adobe. Adobe’s tools are the most popular ones to edit/create/manage the documents.

The Adobe Scan application is just an addition to Adobe’s document-fleet. Adobe Scan can digitize any document anywhere anytime for you. This application can create high-quality PDFs and JPEGs of your ID, Passport, Bills, Documents, Challans, Cards, and everything else that you would want to scan.

Furthermore, the Adobe Scan can also scan the business cards. It has the ability to directly save business cards in the contacts. The OCR feature will let you extract the text out of the pictures. You can edit this text using the PDF file created by the application. Adobe Scan is also available for both the Android and iOS operating systems. The Adobe Scan is unarguably one of the best CamScanner alternatives.

Adobe Scan for Android | Adobe Scan for iPhone

Clear Scan

Best Free CamScanner Alternatives
Image – Clear Scan

Clear Scan, like the other two applications listed above, is a very neat application to scan your documents. This application is very small in size. It works quite fast. Clear Scan can give your documents a professional look.

You can create color-copies or the black & white copies of the documents. It can scan any photo or document. All the scanned items can be edited later on. Like the Adobe Scan, it also has the OCR feature to transform images into text.

The file manager of the Clear Scan application allows you to access all your scanned items in one page. This application also lets you set the page sizes for the PDF files. For example, you can specify whether you want the page to be Letter, Legal, or A4.

The PDFs can be directly saved on the cloud drives like Dropbox and Google Drive. It also has the backup feature which means you will never lose your data.

Clear Scan for Android | Clear Scan for iPhone


CamScanner Alternatives
Image – ScanBot

Scanbot is another nifty application to deal with your documents. This is a small-sized feature-rich application. The capabilities of Scanbot include scanning the documents, IDs, photos, cards, visiting cards, passports, and anything else that is of importance to you.

It also has the QR Code scanning feature. It can scan the Barcodes as well. You can scan multiple pages and create one file containing all those pages. The created PDFs can be stored in the local storage of your phone or uploaded to the cloud drive. You can edit the PDFs to highlight the text. This application has the OCR feature too. It is quite easy to search through the text within the scanned files.

Scanbot for Android | Scanbot for iPhone

Fast Scanner

CamScanner Alternatives
Image – Fast Scanner

Just as its name suggests, this is a fast scanner. This application is built to serve its purpose without any complications. Scan the documents or the books you want and save the PDFs in your phone. Email the scanned documents, share them over connectivity applications, or upload them on the cloud drives.

Like the Scanners mentioned above, this application also allows its users to edit the scanned files. It also has the AirPrint feature just in case you want to control a printer via Fast Scanner. There is nothing much to learn about this application. It serves its purpose splendidly. This application is for the users who do not want any extra features other than the CamScanning.

Fast Scanner for Android | Fast Scanner for iPhone

Simple Scanner

CamScanner Alternatives
Image – Simple Scanner

Another Simple Scanner to digitally transform your documents. This application detects the clutter on your documents and removes it. Even if you try to scan a little dull document, this application is going to enhance it to give the best possible look.

The scanned files are saved in the PDF format or the JPEG format. If you are interested in manually setting the image parameters, this application will let you do so. There are color scan, grayscale, or black and white scanning options. This app offers over 5 levels of contrast for monochrome text. You can also protect your scanned files by password. This is indeed a very nice alternative to CamScanner.

Simple Scanner for Android | Simple Scanner for iPhone(Easy Scanner for iPhone)

Tiny Scanner

CamScanner Alternatives
Tiny Scanner

The name suggests this to be a Tiny Scanner, but when it comes to working, it is not really tiny. It is loaded with a plethora of features. This little application is built for professional use. Whether you have to scan documents in bulk at your office, school, or at home, this is the application you need. It adds a very neat touch to the edges of the scanned pages. The custom page size can be set in this application.

All the PDFs and JPEGs can be edited easily. You can protect your documents using a passcode. It shows very nice thumbnails of the scanned documents making it easy for the users to identify the files. The scanned documents can be uploaded to the cloud drives straight from Tiny Scanner. Tiny Scanner is also available for both the Android and iOS platforms.

Tiny Scanner for Android | Tiny Scanner for iPhone (Scanner++ for iPhone)


That’s all with the best alternatives to CamScanner. I hope that you guys really like these CamScanner Alternatives. If you want to find out alternatives to more applications, you can check our Best Picks section. If you have any other application to add to this guide, drop its name in the comments section below. You can reach out to us for any queries as well. We will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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