Top 7 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android: 2019


Listening to music on Android devices is one of the most convenient things to do. There is no residing in the old-fashioned ways to look for songs in records. There are several music apps for Android. However, the experience of listening to music is incomplete if you do not have the left volume and player. Here are the best Volume Booster Apps for Android. These apps will help you get a better experience the next time you want to enjoy your favorite music.

These volume booster apps are introduced for Android devices because even though the devices come with great sound quality, it is prone to get degraded in older devices. For this problem, getting a new phone isn’t a solution but, getting the best volume booster apps is.

Volume Booster Apps

Best Volume Booster Apps for Android:

I have created a list of the best volume booster apps for Android that you must try. If you feel the need to boost up your phone’s volume more, these apps are great. Before we move on to the list, it is important to note that these apps will only work to some extent depending on the size and quality of the speaker on your Android device.

Also, boosting up too much volume can lead to damaging the speakers so you should limit the use to the extent the speakers can take it.

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Volume Booster Sound Equalizer – By MixIT Studio:

If you are looking for a minimalistic volume booster that does the job but does not consume too much of space on phone’s memory, this one is a great option. The app can be accessed from the homepage where it pops-up as a small mixer.

You can use it to adjust and boost the volume. There is a feature added to the app called ‘non-uniform boost’ which is designed to protect the speakers from getting damaged as well as adjust clarity by controlling high and low frequencies.

Ultimate Volume Booster by porrassoft:

This is a compact and minimalist app that works by one-tap. The app’s results were seen really affective with a significant increase in volume. The app is extremely easy to use with no complicated settings and is best for headphones and speakers.

Volume Booster GOODEV:

This one is of the best volume boosters for Android. If you like to do adjustments yourself and play around with the equalizer then this app is for you.

The app is great and effective and lets you have full control over your device’s volume where you can individually adjust speakers, notifications, alarm, ringtone and other volumes on your phone.

Sound Booster:

If you are someone who not only wants an effective volume booster app but also want it to look good, then this one has the most colorful and creative interface. The app itself is very useful and is seen to boost volume by up to 50%.

Volume Booster Pro:

A simple and easy to use, for those who like to Boost up the volume on their Android devices. Volume Booster Pro is totally free and all the interface is user-friendly. Moreover, the size of Volume Booster Pro is 5MB, so it won’t eat up any space on your device.

Ultimate Volume Booster:

They claim that the Ultimate Volume Booster app will boost up your device volume 30-40%. To be very honest it’s a bit much, but on the other hand, it’s helpful for those who love to hear it loud. This app will boost up the volume of notifications, alarms, message, ringtone, and other media.

Also, you’ll get the control panel, that means you can easily control audio quality. Moreover, volume controls works for both device speakers and headphones.

Divi Volume Booster:

I added this app especially in the list of Best Volume Booster Apps for Android. Divi Volume Booster provides you with professional sound booster quality. Moreover, Divi works with both speakers and headphones. It boosts up the volume of everything.

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