How to change Call of Duty Mobile Server Region


This is the tutorial to change Call of Duty Mobile Server Region on an Android phone and iPhone. This guide also fixes the COD Mobile 5027 error. If Call of Duty Mobile is having problems in your region, you can switch to another region to resolve the problem.

Call of Duty Mobile – The Server Problems

Just Yesterday, Call of Duty Mobile surpassed the whopping mark of 150M downloads. This is by far the highest number of downloads for such a game. Call of Duty Mobile has successfully become the newfound love of mobile gamers. A huge chunk of the audience shifted from PUBG Mobile to the COD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile was in the beta stage for almost a year. The game was released in India back in April-May 2019 and in October 2019, the game saw its global release.

When the game was limited to India, players from all around the world played the game by using VPN apps connecting to India. Playing the game from any other region gave the user’s server errors.

It looks like the server issues still exist after the global release of the COD Mobile. Users in Russia and a few other countries have reported that they cannot play the game.

Upon trying to load the game, it often shows this error:

We are excited to see your interest in call of duty mobile, but unfortunately, we are not yet ready to release the game in your area stay tuned and thanks for your patience (5027).

Apart from this error, even if the user manages to load the game, it still keeps trying to connect to the server. The network status error or network unstable error keeps popping up again and again.

To fix all these issues at once, you can change the region of your COD Mobile server.

Earlier we posted a guide to change the COD Mobile server in Gameloop, but that was to change the server to South East Asia or the South Korean. This time, we are talking about changing the region of the server, which will change nothing in the game. In literal words, it means changing the country to load the COD Mobile on a phone.

Take a look at the steps to change your COD Mobile server now.


Change Call of Duty Mobile Server Region

  1. Open Hola VPN on your Android phone or iPhone.
  2. In Hola VPN, click on Call of Duty Mobile Icon.
  3. Now click on the country flag and change it to Belgium, India, USA, or any other free server.
  4. You may or may not change the GPS location.
  5. Click on Start and the game will start now. It will run from the changed server. That’s all.
change Call of Duty Mobile Server Region
Hola VPN changing COD Mobile Server to USA

If the game fails to load from the newly selected server, try changing it to another country. At the time of writing this tutorial, Hola VPN is the only way to change the Call of Duty Mobile server. If I find any other application providing such a feature, I will update this guide.


That’s all. Hopefully, you have fixed the server error on COD Mobile. If you are facing any other issues, you can locate the guides on our site. For any questions/queries, feel free to use the comment box below.

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