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CamScanner changed the way we save documents on our phones. The future is portable and CamScanner is just a great step in that direction. This phone-only application has no official PC version. But you can run the phone version on your computer using a neat trick. We are here to show you that. As you move forward in this guide, you will find the tutorial to download CamScanner for PC. The CamScanner for PC will run smoothly on Windows 10 and macOS. Before you download this document scanning application for Windows or macOS, let me tell give you its brief overview.

Scan on the go with CamScanner

Reducing the use of paper is one of the ways to save the environment. The fewer trees we cut, the better it gets for our climate. One way of saving papers is to shift the work from papers to our digital devices. Every day, billions of documents are scanned which increases the demand for paper. Imagine if we had a simple solution that requires no paper to scan the documents? Well, CamScanner is the solution we are talking about.CamScanner PC

You don’t need to carry the documents in the form of papers now. Just scan them on the go with your smartphone or computer and save them either on your local storage or in the cloud drive. That’s how smart CamScanner is. It uses your device’s camera to scan a document. If you are thinking that this is as same as capturing a picture of the document, then let me tell you that it’s not. CamScanner changes the look and feels of the scanned document to imitate that of a real document. It applies the necessary treatment to a document to make the text better and clear. The app offers a handful of effects by default. Users can choose the scan-effect that looks the best to them.CamScanner for PC

CamScanner has the ability to scan multiple documents and combine them into one PDF. It also offers a collage feature. If you want to scan multiple pages of a passport, you can put them together with the help of the PDF option. By default, CamScanner will save all of your scanned documents the device’s storage. If you wish, you can connect your Google Drive or DropBox account with CamScanner and it will automatically upload your scanned copies to the cloud drive.CamScanner for PC

Scanning papers, passport, ID, pictures, or anything else is not difficult at all. The only thing this app requires is for the users to hold the camera straight and stable over a document. CamScanner automatically detects documents, fixes the edges, and outputs the result.

CamScanner is more than a Document Scanner

This is not just a digitizer, CamScanner has a lot of other cool features. It comes with an OCR feature which can detect and pull text from the images/docs. This text can be copied for different purposes later on. CamScanner also brings a full set of editing tools. You can make annotations or any other kind of modifications to the documents within the app. The app will also let you lock the confidential documents.

Top Features of CamScanner

  • Digitize content quickly on the go.
  • AirPrint and quickly Fax the documents.
  • Convert to PDF, JPG, and PNG format.
  • Extract text from images with OCR.
  • A quick search feature to find documents.
  • Editing tools to enhance documents.
  • Auto-sync across different platforms using the CamScanner account.

CamScanner App Details

Developer INTSIG Information Co., Ltd
Current Version
Last Updated May 9, 2020
Rating 4.7 with 2.6M Votes
Total Downloads 100,000,000+


Why was CamScanner removed from the Play Store?

CamScanner was once removed from the Google Play Store. This makes the users a bit skeptical about this application, but before you make a judgment, let me tell you why it was removed. According to the Play Store team, the CamScanner app had some kind of malware and it was removed temporarily. However, after fixing the app and assuring the Play Store team about its safety, CamScanner was back into the Play Store. As of today, it’s widely available across all regions for both the Android and iOS platforms in their official stores.

CamScanner for Windows 10 | CamScanner for macOS

By now, you all should have a clear idea that CamScanner has no PC version, then how exactly are you going to run CamScanner PC? Since we have its Android version, we will be emulating that with the help of an Android emulator. Yes, you heard that right. Using an Emulator like the BlueStacks or the NoxPlayer, you can easily run CamScanner Windows or the CamScanner macOS. This is not limited to one version of these ecosystems. It will be compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and all versions of macOS. Just take a look at the requirements and then the steps.

Requirements to download PC Version of CamScanner

  1. Desktop or Laptop with Windows/macOS.
  2. Webcam with Desktop or Front cam with Laptop.
  3. Internet Connection.
  4. Google Account. If you don’t have one, create it for free.
  5. The Emulator i.e. BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.
  6. Download the emulator, install it, and set it ups using the Google Account.
  7. Follow the remaining part of this tutorial.

Steps to download CamScanner for PC

  1. On your PC, open the emulator.
  2. In the emulator, launch the Google Play Store.
  3. Using the search bar of the Play Store, find “CamScanner”.
  4. As you find CamScanner, install it.
    camscanner for pc
    Installing CamScanner from Google Play
  5. Open CamScanner now and set it up by following on-screen instructions.
  6. Now using your WebCam or Laptop’s Camera, scan the documents.


CamScanner PC
Running CamScanner on Windows 10 via BlueStacks 4.2


Use a webcam with a wire to scan documents when using CamScanner for PC. Using such a camera will make it a lot easier to scan as it has a wire and you can hold it in your hands.

Video on how to download CamScanner PC

What’s next?

CamScanner for PC is now installed. Since we are using a tricky method, scanning documents on your PC is not going to be a piece of cake. Use the camera accurately to scan the documents in the best possible form. Rest assured, CamScanner PC will run without any hiccups and it will be a worthy experience. Just in case you run into any kind of problems while installing CamScanner on PC or setting up those Android emulators, feel free to reach out to us. The best way to contact us regarding this guide would be through the comments section below.


Does CamScanner work on Windows?

Yes, CamScanner runs on Windows with the help of an Android Emulator.

Can I get CamScanner for macOS Catalina?

Yes, using the BlueStacks 4.1, you can easily run CamScanner on macOS.

Can CamScanner PC scan documents use a webcam?

Yes, if your computer has a webcam or in-built camera, you can easily scan documents.

Is CamScanner for PC safe?

It is absolutely safe. We are not using any unverified sources or means to download the app. You can completely trust the process.

Where does CamScanner for PC save the scanned documents?

It saves all your scanned documents and files in the emulator. You can export the scanned files to Windows afterward.

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