Top 5 Call and SMS Blocker Apps for Android


Take a look at the best 5 Call and SMS Blocker Apps for Android. These apps will help you get rid of all unwanted calls & messages.

Someone you don’t know or you don’t want to talk to, is calling you on your phone again and again and also texting you. You want to get rid of this person. The very first thing that will pop up in your mind will be to block the calls and texts from this particular person.Call and SMS Blocker

If you are using an Android phone, you will find this option on your phone under the contacts application or in the settings > call settings application. But this is not the same for all smartphones.

Call and SMS blocking feature has become a standard in the modern Android smartphones. The old smartphones do not have this feature. Users having old Android phones are certainly out of luck. They do not have an inbuilt feature to block calls and SMS from unwanted people around them.

Android phones without a built-in SMS and Call Blocker can achieve this feature by means of a third party application. Google Play Store is glutted with such applications. Upon searching for an SMS or Call Blocker, you will find 100 if not a thousand results.

Now the confusion comes up when you have so many options to go with but you can’t decide which one is the best. Out of those 100s of applications, only a few have seemed to work for the users. The reviews for most of the applications are not impressive at all. It means that there are many applications which are fake.

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To save a few minutes of our respected users, I’ve had a look on most of the Call and SMS blockers in the Play Store. I have managed to pick up top 5 Call and SMS Blocker Apps from the Google Play Store. These applications are picked up based on their reviews, ratings, and number of downloads. You can try these applications and keep the one that seems the most flawless at your end.

Top 5 Call and SMS Blocker Apps for Android 2020

TrueCaller: Caller ID and Dialer

TrueCaller is the most popular Caller ID and Dialer application. Any user who once joins TrueCaller, TrueCaller saves his identity forever unless the user de-registers himself from the application. TrueCaller keeps a record of all the information of a user. If an unknown number is calling you on your phone, the caller ID feature of TrueCaller will immediately identify the person and brings the name on-screen. TrueCaller has the feature to block unwanted calls and SMS messages. You can add a number and name to the TrueCaller application and it will keep blocking all the spam calls and SMS for you.

Download TrueCaller

Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

Mr. Number-Block calls & spam occupies the 2nd spot on our list. This application can be used to block any calls or SMS messages from an unwanted person. You can block a number of any region of the world. With this application, you can also redirect wrong numbers to a voice mail. The voice mail will keep the calls safe for your security. You can either select a number from your contact list to block or you can add a new number and name in the application to block it. Mr. Number-Block calls & spam is a free application.

Download Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

Caller ID & Call Blocker Free

Caller ID & Call Blocker Free is much similar to TrueCaller. This application has a list of extended features. It’s a complete package. Whether you want to keep a track of your call logs or install a new dialer on your phone, Caller ID & Call Blocker will do the job for you. It can track unknown callers and give you all the details regarding their name and origin. This application has a blacklist feature in which you can add all the numbers trying to reach you out for no apparent reason. It blocks both the calls and SMS from unknown and unwanted numbers. It also comes with different themes. You can add a contacts widget to the screen of your phone. There is much more that this application can do. If you are looking for an alternative to your smartphone’s phone application, you can get this one.

Download Caller ID & Call Blocker Free


BlackList is a very simple application to filter the incoming calls and SMS. Users can create a blacklist on their smartphone. This blacklist will block all calls and SMS messages which are sent in to disturb you. It also blocks MMS messages. It cannot only block the unwanted numbers, but also the private numbers. The app also has an exception list where you can select which contacts to not to block. You can also set up this application to block all the calls during a certain time-span. With BlackList, you can also hide your lists and keep your blocked contacts away from everyone.

Download BlackList

Block SMS and Call

This application is the simplest one to use. It’s straight forward UI will let you add the numbers to be blocked either by manually entering the information or selecting a contact from your saved list. You can also stop all the advertisement calls and SMS messages from coming in your phone. It keeps a history of the calls you blocked and also the SMS messages you didn’t want to read. The advertisers, who usually use the numbers less than 5 digits, can be easily blocked using this application.

Download Block SMS and Call


Generally, a newer Android smartphone will have this feature in it. The applications above are only recommended when your phone lacks this feature. If these applications have helped you get your task done, let us know through the comment box below. If there is another application you want to add to this list, shoot that in the comments section as well. Stay connected with us.

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