How To Back-up and Restore Data On Samsung Galaxy Devices Using Samsung Kies.


It is one of the Worst Experience to Loose all your important data saved in your Device. There are many Softwares that allows you to create a Back-Up of important data and afterwards Restore it. Using 3rd part Applications is not safe, instead use an official one. Samsung Kies allows you to Create and restore Back-Up of your connected device data. You can always save all your Media to your Computer Hard-Disk, but for all the Contacts and Messages and E-Mail, you can use Samsung Kies.


One of the Best advantages of Owning an Android device is the Automatically Sync, your Contacts will remain synced with Google Account and other Stuff like Photos, Calender etc. But they are require an Active internet connection and fast speed. Using Samsung Kies will save your data with not only fast speed but also more accuracy.

Here is the List of Items Samsung Kies Back-Up:

To Do
S Memo data
Mini Diary
Call log
Misc. content files
Preferences and ringtones
Network settings and bookmarks
Email account information

How To Back-Up and Restore Data Using Samsung Kies.

If you have already Installed Kies on your desktop then skip to Step 4, otherwise follow all of them.

1. Download Samsung Kies.

2. If you have already installed Samsung USB drivers, un-install them, Let Kies install the USB Drivers for you.

3. After the Download, Install Samsung Kies.

4. Once the Drivers are installed, Connect your device and Let Kies Detect it, you will see some Basic Information about your device.


5. Next To Basic Information Tab, you will see Sync and Import/Export tab.

6. Click the Last Tab that Says, Back-Up and Restore.

7. Now You will see the options of your data to Choose which ones Back-up you would like to make. Select all or the Preferred ones.


8. After the Selection, click Back-Up, doing this will initiate the Back-Up.

9.When the Back-Up is complete, Click the Complete Button.

10. Now your device is safe to do Any sort of Wipe.

11. If you ever Wish to Restore the Same Back-Up, Just click the Back-Up and Restore option, select the Apps and Click Restore.