How to play any Android Game on Gameloop/Tencent Gaming Buddy


Update 11/12/2019: The Tencent Gaming Buddy is now called Gameloop. The rebranding of TGB took place with the release of COD Mobile. This guide to play any Android game on TGB will work for Gameloop as well now.

Do you know that Tencent Gaming Buddy Android emulator is not limited to those few games its lists? Yes, you heard that right. You can play any Android game or run Android App on Tencent Gaming Buddy. Installing other Android games or apps on this emulator is a little bit tricky. We are here to share the entire method with you. In this guide, you will learn how you can play any Android Game on Tencent Gaming Buddy.

any Android Game on Tencent Gaming Buddy
Playing Real Cricket 19 on Tencent Gaming Buddy

Gameloop [Former Tencent Gaming Buddy]

Android Emulators have served the purpose of running Android games and apps on computers for over a decade. We have seen options like the BlueStacks, Nox Player, KO Player, MEmu Player, Genymotion, and many others. There are games that users prefer playing on their computers rather than a smartphone. This is where these Android Emulators happen to be handy. Recently, something similar happened when PUBG Mobile came out. The mobile version of the game was liked more by the users than its desktop counterpart. PUBG Players opted for different Android emulators to play the most popular battle royale game. It was a wake-up call for Tencent, the PUBG Mobile developer. The company was quick to launch its own emulator named Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Tencent added support for almost all of its games in the Tencent Gaming Buddy. It also incorporated Google Installer to allow Google Play Games. The emulator gave users extended control over its engines. Users can select what number of CPU cores they want the emulator to use. They can also define the RAM they want to allow this emulator to occupy. The best part of the Tencent Gaming Buddy was that it could run on computers having a RAM as minimum as 512MB. If you have ever used a mainstream emulator like the BlueStacks or Nox, you must have seen that those emulators put the maximum load on your computer consuming all possible resources.

Tencent Gaming Buddy quickly became the go-to choice for the PUBG Mobile Players. The emulator was so good that gamers wanted to run other games and apps on the emulator too. Tencent Gaming Buddy users kept experimenting unless they found ways to install APKs of other games. They also managed to install the Google Play Store, which means they go access to over a Million applications through the Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Having discovered the methods to run any Android Game on Tencent Gaming Buddy, the gamers literally killed the need for any other emulator. If you have a low-spec computer which is unable to run a resource-hungry emulator, you can opt for Tencent Gaming Buddy.

It’s time to take a look at the steps to install any Android game on TGB Android Emulator. Follow the steps below to get it done without any further ado.

Guide on how to play any Android Game on Gameloop/Tencent Gaming Buddy

  1. First of all, download Tencent Gaming Buddy on your PC.
  2. Now learn how to install APK on Tencent Gaming Buddy.
  3. Furthermore, download Google Play Store on Tencent Gaming Buddy.
  4. Now go to C:\program files\txgameassistant\ui > open AndoridEmulator.exe.
  5. Once the emulator loads, press F9.
  6. Now open Browser in the emulator.
  7. Search for your favorite game or app now. For example, Asphalt 9 or Real Cricket 19.
  8. As you find the Play Store link of the game, open it via Play Store.
  9. You will now enter the Google Play Store.
  10. Install any game or application you want now.Play Store Tencent Gaming Buddy
  11. You can launch the games from the app drawer.

Play Store Tencent Gaming Buddy

If the Play Store method is something you don’t like, you can download the APK of any game and install it using the ES File Explorer. This method is explained in the method to install APKs on the TGB emulator. To play the games, you can configure your computer’s mouse and keyboard. Tencent Gaming Buddy works best with the FPS and Battle Royale games. If you want to play games like Call of Duty Mobile for PC, or PUBG Mobile Lite for PC, or the Frostborn for PC, you may find TGB emulator the best tool to go with.

Final Words

That’s all. By now, you should be able to run any Android game of your choice on the computers. Tencent Gaming Buddy will put the least amount of stress on your computer’s hardware, which is why I personally recommend using this over the famous emulators. Tencent Gaming Buddy is specifically designed to run games only. It will give you the best possible experience on a bigger screen with better sound effects. Should you have any questions related to this emulator, feel free to ask them through the comments section below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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