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PUBG Mobile is arguably the most popular Battle Royale game till date. The developers of PUBG Mobile have made this game available for all the platforms. Soon after the release of the mobile version of PUBG, the developers realised that the mobile version was liked more by the users. Instead of playing the PUBG’s PC version on the computers, the players preferred playing the PUBG Mobile via Android emulators. Keeping this demand of the players in view, the PUBG Mobile developers crafted the Tencent Gaming Buddy. In this guide, you will learn how to run or download Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC. Before you install Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC, let us shed some light on its features.

Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC
Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC

Tencent Gaming Buddy

First of all, you need to know that it is Tencent’s official emulator. Tencent has released this emulator in order to make sure that PUBG Mobile gamers get the best possible experience on their computers. Rather than letting the gamers use emulators like BlueStacks and Nox, Tencent wants them to use its very own emulator. The Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC comes with extended features exclusively designed for the PUBG Mobile. The emulator runs on Windows PCs.

Initially, the Tencent Gaming Buddy was specifically designed for PUBG Mobile. Later on, the developers added support for more games in the player. As of now, Tencent Gaming Buddy supports over 14 different games by default. Some of the popular titles supported by Tencent Gaming Buddy are Ragnarok M, Honkai Impact 3, Ludo King etc.

Tencent GAming Buddy for PC

Tencent Gaming Buddy is equipped with the Google Installer. The purpose of this installer is to bring the Google Play Games to your emulator. If you have your game synced with your Google Account, Google Play Games will shift all of its data to your PC.

When the users open the Gaming Buddy, it first asks the users about the installation of PUBG Mobile. The emulator shows different versions of PUBG Mobile. At the time of writing this post, it either installs the international version or the Vietnam version of PUBG Mobile.

Upon launching PUBG Mobile in Tencent Gaming Buddy, players can access the settings for the game. The emulator will let you set the Display Settings, Basic Settings, and the Engine for the game. Let me tell you a little bit about PUBG Mobile and then download Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC.

PUBG Mobile & Why you should play it on your PC?

PUBG Mobile is about an open battle taking place on an abandoned island. As the game starts off, 100 different players take a flight on a C130 to the island. The players have to jump off from the plane one by one. They can use a parachute to land. As the players land on the ground, they have to start looking for cloths, supplies, and weapons.

The idea in this game is to kill all other 99 players. Only you should be the one standing alive in the end. Being the last man alive will win you the Chicken Dinner. There are no friends on the island. Everyone is your enemy which means you cannot do anyone a favor by letting them go. Keep your gun loaded all the time. The moment you run out of bullets and someone finds you, you are dead. The game brings interesting maps. You can roam freely in any direction throughout the map. There are many vehicles to move around.

Players can team up in order to indulge in the Team Battles. In the team battles, players have the support of 3 or 4 other players. The team standing till the end wins the game.

PUBG Mobile is quite a big game. This was just an idea about this game. To know everything about it, it is better to play it yourself.

Let us get back to the point now. Why you should play this game on your computer rather than on your phone? Well, PUBG Mobile has kind of an FPS gameplay. It means that you need a better control over your weapons and also need your moves to be appropriate. This particular thing is a little bit tricky on the screen of your smartphone.

Playing the same game with the help of a Mouse and a Keyboard can give you an edge over all those playing it on a phone. Since you are playing this game on a bigger screen now, it is easy to keep an eye on the enemies. To cut it short, PUBG Mobile for PC will help you win every single match. It’s time to go ahead to download Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC now.

Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC

Follow these steps to download Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC.

  1. Download Tencent Gaming Buddy.

    You can download Tencent Gaming Buddy from their official website. Here is the download link.

  2. Open Tencent Gaming Buddy setup and install it.

    As you have downloaded the setup file, open it. Now install the emulator. Finish the installation and open it.

  3. Finish the initial setup of Tencent Gaming Buddy.

    Once you open the emulator, it will ask you to finish the basic setup. Use your PUBG Mobile Account or your Facebook Account to login.

  4. Install PUBG Mobile and start playing it.

    Now you can find the PUBG Mobile on the home screen of Tencent Gaming Buddy. Install the game and start playing it. That’s all.

Wrap Up

That is all about the installation of Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC. You can set the controls for the games according to your liking. If you have any problems with the installation process or if you have any queries about PUBG Mobile, feel free to drop them below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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