How to fix WhatsApp Video Call issues – Solved


This a list of WhatsApp Video Call issues and their probable solutions. Take a look to fix WhatsApp Video Call issues right away!

WhatsApp Video Calls have been released worldwide now. The video calls being offered through WhatsApp are far better than other video calling services available to date. Another advantage of the WhatsApp Video Calling feature is that all of your calls are end-to-end encrypted, so there is no chance of losing your privacy or getting trapped into being spied. WhatsApp has efficiently implemented the Video Calling feature keeping the quality of the chat application intact. We saw a similar implementation of the voice calling feature. WhatsApp didn’t let the overall experience of the chat messenger get disturbed and that’s how it kept on growing its user base.WhatsApp Video Call issues

Your buddies are now just a tap away. Simply pressing the call button > video call will bring up your friends or family in the screen within a few seconds. That’s how easy things have become now. WhatsApp Video Calls are in a very early stage at the moment. Although the videos have been rolled out to the users world-wide, there still are chances that many are not aware of the feature and many haven’t updated their WhatsApp Messenger yet.

Video calls on WhatsApp have got several issues that you might not be able to solve in the first go. It will take time to master this new feature of WhatsApp and get used to it. To help you with any upcoming problem, we have compiled a list of the issues occurring every now and then also covered a guide on how to fix WhatsApp Video Call issues.


How to fix WhatsApp Video Call issues:

WhatsApp Video Call Couldn’t Place Call Issue

  1. There are several reasons for this issue to come up. The very first reason can be the unavailability of the new video calling feature in the region of your friend. If WhatsApp Video Call feature hasn’t made its way to that country or region, you will not be able to use this feature.
  2. The second reason adding to this issue can be that your friend is either using a phone that doesn’t support video/voice calling or that simply doesn’t have a front camera on it.
    • If the issue is coming up because of the 2nd reason, then your friend has to get a compatible phone.
  3. The third reason can be that your friend is not using the latest version of WhatsApp with this feature enabled.

WhatsApp Video Call Poor Connection Video Paused Issue

  • This issue comes up because of a poor internet connection. If you have a data connection and you are currently using WiFi, try switching to the data connection and vice versa.
  • Furthermore, you can try closing all the background applications to lay off some load on your smartphone which will eventually result in improving the video quality.
  • You can also try restarting your phone and call your friend afterward.

WhatsApp Video Call Video Paused

Whenever you get the Video Paused error on screen, that means your friend or partner is doing some other activity on his/her smartphone at the moment. For instance, you are on a video call and all of a sudden you get a text message on your smartphone. You open the messaging application while the video call is going on in the background, your friend will see the “Video Paused” message on the screen. If you were just wondering why do you see this error again and again, there you have got the reason for it. To get rid of this error, stay on the WhatsApp Video Call screen.

WhatsApp Video Call Voice Issue

To improve the voice quality during a WhatsApp Video Call, simply try switching your internet connection and shut down all unnecessary applications on your phone. Also, try refreshing your phone by restarting it and going into a video call again.

That’s all for now. If you are currently facing any issues with WhatsApp Video Calling feature, let us know through the comment box below and we will try looking into a solution for you.

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  1. I have just upgraded my phone and I constantly get the poor connection message and my screen freezes. This wasn’t happening on my other phone so it can’t be a poor internet connection. Please help

  2. Monique, I have exactly the same problem – most of the time. Sometimes it works but mostly not. If I call back it’s fine. Help please?

    • I went into the Genius Bar and the tech woman instructed me to delete and reinstall WhatsApp. No more problems (keep fingers crossed)!

  3. WhatsApp video calls are great and I feel a little guilty about raising my question given the number of people struggling to access the facility at all.. but here goes…
    I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7 and my contact has a Samsung tablet.
    We cannot get the screen images on our devices to align: if I use my phone in, say, landscape format, I can see my contact’s image normally but he sees me rotated by 90 degrees and vice versa… so if I switch so he is in portrait view + 90 degrees I am the correct way up on his screen… does that make sense? If so, how do we resolve this?
    Pls and thx

  4. my friend has a Samsung tablet and when she clicks on the call on whatsapp she can not come off it. she can not go on any other apps unless she calls me off WhatsApp first and stays off the screen. how do we sort it out because it is highly irritating

  5. When I make a video call, my image that is in the pip mode comes staggered. I can see the other person video very fine and they can also see mine properly but only I am not able to see my side smoothly…It keeps on sort of buffering and there is a time lag

  6. Friend said i initiated a video call (i did by accident) and it got stuck in her call history but cannot get deleted. But i had already deleted on my end.

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