Move to iOS could not communicate with the device – FIXED


Move to iOS is Apple’s official application move data from an Android phone to the iPhone. This application often encounters an error “Move to iOS could not communicate with the device”. This is a common error. It comes up the moment you try to connect your Android phone to the iPhone. The error exactly shows the Move to iOS could not communicate with the device error. In this guide, you will learn how to fix Move to iOS could not communicate with the device error. Before taking a look at the solution, let us understand the background of this problem.

Move to iOS could not communicate with the device


Move to iOS – The only application to switch data from Android to iPhone

Every day, we see a new smartphone in the market. It has become a habit of the consumers to switch to a new smartphone as soon as they find a better option. To make the smartphone switch easy for the consumers, different smartphone companies have developed different applications that move all the data in one go. Companies like Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, and all others have their own applications for their specific purpose. Furthermore, the Google Play Store has hundreds of such applications that work on all the Android phones. This was about Android. Now when it comes to iOS, there is only one application called “Move to iOS”, and thanks to Apple, that one application does not work fine either.

Switching from Android to Android is a piece of cake. Switching from iPhone to iPhone is a piece of cake. Moving from Android to iOS is when the pain starts. To further elaborate, I will explain what exactly happened to me.

Move to iOS could not communicate

The decision of switching from OnePlus 6 to iPhone XS Max

For over last 5 months, I was using the OnePlus 6. My OnePlus 6 had over 50,000 images, 400 videos, thousands of WhatsApp images, chats, messages, contacts, call logs, documents, etc. My experience with the OnePlus 6 was quite wonderful. In September, Apple released the iPhone XS Max, and just for the sake of experiencing the iOS, I decided to move from OnePlus 6 to iPhone XS Max. I got the iPhone XS Max and it was the time to shift the data.

When I turned on the iPhone XS Max, it asked me whether I want to transfer data from my Android phone or another iPhone. I chose the Android option and it showed me a code. I had to download the Move to the iOS application on my OnePlus 6 and enter the code shown on the iPhone. This code was supposed to help the OnePlus 6 establish a connection with the iPhone XS Max. After this, I was supposed to get the option to transfer my contacts, call logs, messages, and photos. You see, no WhatsApp data here either. I was fine with the data that I was able to move, so I followed the procedure.

Move to iOS – The real pain starts

The moment I entered the code in the Move to iOS application on the OnePlus 6, it started giving me the “Move to iOS could not communicate with the device” error. I looked up the internet to no solution. It turned out that this was widespread error and Apple did not have any official solution listed on any of their support pages. I looked through hundreds of forums, and after trying a handful of solutions given by different users, I was finally able to get through.

So, after going through all that misery, I decided to write this guide in order to help all the future Android to iPhone shifters. It is time to take a look at the solution to Move to iOS could not communicate with the device error.

*8/2/2019 – Post updated with an authentic/working method.

Move to iOS could not communicate with the device – How to avoid this error

  1. First of all, ensure that your iPhone is not already set up and you have the option to transfer data from Android. If your iPhone is already set up, consider performing a factory data reset in order to get the data transfer option.
  2. Pick up your Android phone now and install “Move to iOS” application from the Play Store.
  3. Now on your Android phone, forget the current WiFi network.
  4. If there is an application that you think can interrupt with the network, uninstall it.
  5. Turn on Airplane Mode or Flight Mode on your Android phone.
  6. Having the Airplane Mode on, restart your Android phone.
  7. Plug the charger in both the Android Phone and the iPhone now. The charger must be turned on.
  8. Now on your Android phone, open Move to iOS application.
  9. Now on the Apps & Data screen on iPhone, click on “Move Data from Android”.
  10. You will see a code on your iPhone Now.
  11. At this point, your iPhone has generated a WiFi connection too.
  12. On the Android phone, open the WiFi and connect to the WiFi hotspot created by the iPhone. For example, it would be something like iOS fb466 or iOSfb466 – It can differ according to your phone.

Move to iOS could not communicate

  1. Connect to this WiFi on your Android now. The password would be the name of your WiFi connection. For example, if the hotspot name is iOS fb466, the password would be iOS fb466. If it is iOS fb466, the password would be iOS fb466. Be careful about the spaces.
  2. Open Move to iOS app now and enter the code again. It will work. That’s all.

Update: I have made a video regarding the fix. You can watch the video below if that is more convenient to you.


Thanks to our respected member Michael W Scott for letting us know about this solution in the comments section.



By this point, you should have all of your data moved from Android to iPhone. You must be wonder what was not letting you transfer the data previously. Well, the problem lies within two factors. The first thing is that most of the users do not plug in the charger before transferring the data, the charger needs to be plugged into both the devices. The second problem is that if any kind of communication/connectivity takes place on the Android device during the connection to iPhone, it interrupts the entire process. So, you must avoid any connectivity on the Android phone and for that, we enable the Airplane Mode. This is the solution that you will not find on any official Apple support forum. I hope that you have resolved this issue by following the steps given here. If you have anything to add to this guide or you are facing any problems, feel free to reach out to us.

Usama is a software engineer by profession and at he uses his expertise to solve everyday consumer tech problems with his main areas of interest being Android, iOS and Windows.


  1. Followed all the steps mentioned on IPHONE XR but the error ‘could not communicate’ is persisting

  2. Above outlined process did not work for me to move data from my Nokia Sirocco to new iPhone8.
    But I really appreciate your efforts to document it.

    Finally I have setup my iPhone as new phone, instead of ‘Move from Android’ option.
    Once I’m at iPhone home screen downloaded AT&T Transfer App from AppStore on iPhone and from PlayStore on my Android phone.
    This made transfer very easy to transfer data from Android to IOS. Downside I would it only transfer Contacts, Photos and Videos, no messages, accounts and calendar events.

  3. I found the REAL solution, which you would DO WELL to post:

    The most CRITICAL instruction is that you MUST CONNECT YOUR ANDROID TO THE TEMPORARY WI-FI CONNECTION THAT IS GENERATED BY THE IPHONE. This wi-fi temp network will appear in the list of available networks on the Android Wi-fi network selection list. It will have a name in the format of iOS xnnxnx, where x and n are an alphanumeric string.

    Select the iOS xnxnxnx wi-fi network…..then type the exact same name into the password field (being careful to be CASE SPECIFIC on letters and typing any SPACES that MAY appear in the name).

    Once you’ve done this, you’ll get a notification saying that you may not have an internet connection…..which you can just ignore.

    Go back to the Move Android to iOS app and the transfer preferences checkbox screen will appear. Select the items (photos, msm’s etc) you want to move, hit enter and the transfer will begin immediately.

    when the code appears, the iphone generates a wifi too.
    For Example, It would appear as “iOS fb466” then the password for this is iOS(space)fb466
    Make sure you include the space and the O and S is CAPITALIZED!
    If there is no space btw iOSfb466 Dont include the space in your password!

    • Michael Scott, you’re a bloody legend. Up until the job I’m currently working on it’s always worked automatically. Not this time but your solution has probably saved me a customer!

    • Thank you so much, I’ve checked so many guides, tried every step… To think I had to check the comments to find the real solution! You’re the real MVP!

    • :”(( it didn’t seem to work for me. I would click into the wifi hotspot from the iphone, and attempt to enter the password (the hotspot name) but my android didn’t connect to the wifi hotspot. I tried doing this with airplane mode on, and I restarted my android multiple times. Any tips?


    You’re a genius man!
    Thank you so much!
    Nearly packed my iPhone X back for apple store 😀


    You are awesome thank you so much! Follow this guys instructions and you will be on your way!

  6. Thank you to everyone for their kind comments.

    I’m counting on ALL OF YOU to now spread the gospel!!

    I encourage you to join a couple of Android and/or phone-specific (e.g. Galaxy or Nokia, whatever) owner’s Forums and share this, your “NEWFOUND” knowledge, as well as everything else you’ve “discovered” in your travels.
    Knowledge is power!

    • @Michael, I have gone through the solution linked by you and I have updated the post with that solution. I have also mentioned your name in the post. stay in touch. Thanks a lot for helping everyone including us to finding the right solution.

  7. Thanks for this post. The hot spot created by the iPhone was the key for Move to iOS to work. For my wife’s Samsung S5 I merely had to go to airplane mode. This did not for my Samsung S8. But by following the procedure above and connecting to the iPhone hotspot and forgetting (disconnecting) from the normal wifi network for my S8 the Move to iOS transfer worked.

  8. Thanks with a bit of fiddling and a few attempts this worked. Turning off the mobile data seemed to help in my case too.

  9. It worked, but the key is to turn airplane mode back off before you connect to the iOS Wi-fi and then you open back up the move to ios app on the android and enter the code from the iPhone and it starts the download

  10. Worked perfectly, thank you. Just do exactly what he said in all of the steps. Use the spaces exactly when inputting the wifi iOS password. Nice job and thanks for sharing, all of the other info out there never really gave you any solution.

  11. It works! I spent 2+ hours at the Apple Store and they couldn’t get the connection to work. When I got home, I found this page on my own. This method (connect to the iphone’s wifi) worked for me the first time.

  12. Guys, its work just read carefully.
    For me let iphone generated the code then use andriod phone connect to its wifi after that put the code that generated by iphone in andriod, done. Thanks a lot.
    From Ss S8 plus to XS MAX

  13. Finally an answer that works.
    took a bit of fiddling with it and i can tell you, BE FAST in connecting with the android to the wifi.

    after that, it went smoothly

  14. It Works ! Must pay attention to the WiFi Network name and password. If you take too long to enter the password it will fail.

    Many Many Thanks !!

  15. Thank you very much mate
    keep up the good work. wasted a lot of time before i found your tutorial. big up 😉

    big thank you !!!

    • Tried everything recommended, still can’t connect.
      I get the hotspot, I get the message “ you may not be connected to internet”, I ignore as recommended , input the code and wait for the error message.
      It sucks

  16. This article was great although initially I still couldn’t connect. My setup from S8 to XS would only allow me to connect to the temp IOS wifi if flight mode was OFF – the only change I made to the instructions and all then worked I am very happy !

  17. Thank you!!! It works, you must make sure the android is connected to the iphones wifi and you recieve the message “you wifi may not be available”. It worked on my 5th go!!

  18. Have a Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and was getting a security error when Move to iOS was trying to setup the WiFi connection. Following your instructions worked great. Thanks!

  19. worked fine, after setting android on airplane mode…
    must make sure u connect to the right iPhone wifi straight after you get the code on the iPhone.
    Every time you get a code on the iPhone a new wifi connection is created.

  20. You are a godsend. This was the only solution that worked for me after searching online forever. Thank you so much! FYI using it to transfer from Pixel 3 to iPhone 11.

  21. SEI UN GRANDEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dopo ore di prove con mille metodi provati stavo per acquistare addirittura un software. Con il tuo metodo in 10 minuti Partita la migrazione con iPhone 11 pro max …… GRANDE GRANDE GRANDE!!!!! Grazie di Cuore!!

  22. Excellent post, works. Yes. all you need to do is to connect to the temp wifi hosted by Android. Please make sure the password is entered exactly as the SSID. Case sensitive and spaces.

  23. I followed same steps … Didn’t work immediately after successful connection the interruption occur not sure why possibly a pre setting in security or system.

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