iMessage and AppStore Issues after Jailbreaking iOS 13


I have seen a ton of users are reporting on different forums that after they have Jailbroken their device running on iOS 13. It seems iMessage and AppStore start behaving abnormally. So I started digging more about iMessage and AppStore Issues after Jailbreaking iOS 13 and it was true. After Jailbreaking iOS 13, a number of users reported this same issue.

iMessage and AppStore Issues

So I thought why not help you all and provide you with some workarounds that will help you fix iMessage and AppStore Issues after Jailbreaking iOS 13.

So before I move on and tell you what you have to do fix these issues. I need to shed some light on the iMessage and AppStore Issues. Apparently, there is a glitch or a bug that is effecting App Store and iMessage workings. For e.g, Once you have Jailbroken your device, there will be no app update for you. App Store won’t show you a single update of any app unless you UnJailbreak your device.

Now for iMessage, whenever you receive a new message, you won’t be notified. Moreover, image preview doesn’t work, sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t.

There you go now you have a better picture of all the issues people are facing after Jailbreaking iOS 13. Let’s get going and fix these issues.


Fix iMessage and AppStore Issues after Jailbreaking:

Since iMessage and AppStore started behaving abnormally after the Jailbreak. The first thing that comes to our mind is Un-Jailbreak our device. I also agree with you all, this is what we all should do. But, I think, this should be our last option.

I have found some potential solutions to Fix iMessage and AppStore Issues. But I do need to remind you that these workarounds will only work on a Jailbroken device. If you still want to keep Jailbreak on your device then you try the following solutions.

Otherwise, you can Un-Jailbreak your device whenever you like.

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AppStore Updates Problem:

In order to Fix the AppStore Update issue, you need to install a tweak called iCleaner Pro. Once installed run it and it will fix the AppStore update issue on your iOS 13 Jailbreak device.

iMessage Notifications Bug:

  • First, you need to install an app called NewTerm, it’s a free terminal app. Once installed, lunch it and type in ‘su’. You will be asked to enter your root password. Try ” Alpine “.
    • (
  • After that, you need to type ‘ldrestart’.

Fix iMessage Image Bug:

  • Open Cydia and Add source using ( After that install an app called PowerSelector.
  • Launch PowerSelector and Select ‘UICache’.
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