Download Unc0ver 5.3.1 IPA Jailbreak iOS 13.5


Good day for the iOS 13.5 users. The iOS 13.5 Jailbreak is here. It has come from none other than the famous Jailbreak tool Unc0ver. Unc0ver’s version has been bumped to 5.3.1. Download Unc0ver 5.3.1 IPA from here in order to Jailbreak iOS 13.5. You can use Windows or Mac to Jailbreak iOS 13.4 via Unc0ver 5.3.1.

About Unc0ver 5.3.1

Unc0ver 5.0.1has full-fledged support for all iOS 11 – iOS 13.5 powered devices & tweak injection.

Unc0ver is the most popular Jailbreak solution. It has been around for several years. So far, the tool has allowed iOS users a handful of times to unleash the true potential of their devices. The most recent version, the Unc0ver 4.3 allowed Jailbreaking all iOS devices running on iOS 13.3 or below. Since then, we did not find any new Unc0ver version to Jailbreak any higher version of iOS. Unc0ver’s developer pwn20wnd took it to twitter to announce the Unc0ver Jailbreak 5.3.1 based on 0day exploit. For those who don’t know, 0day is a vulnerability found in hardware or software of the devices found only once the products are shipped.

Unc0ver 5.0 IPA Jailbreak
Image used for reference only – old Jailbreak screenshots.Unc0ver 5.3.1 IPA Jailbreak

At the moment, Unc0ver 5.3.1 is offering a semi-tethered Jailbreak solution. This essentially means that you will lose the Jailbreak whenever you reboot your phone. But the longer battery backup your iPhone/iPad will have, the less you would need to repeat the Jailbreak process. Jailbreaking your iPhone, again and again, may seem a lot of hassle, but to ensure that you don’t do it again and again, you have to keep the iOS device alive at any cost. Furthermore, the AltStore installation is performed one-time only. Once you have the AltStore running on the device, it would be extremely simple to get Unc0ver and press the Jailbreak button again.

Unc0ver 5.3.1 Compatability

The Unc0ver 5.3.1 is compatible with every iOS device using a signed iOS version. Yes, you heard that right, you can Jailbreak any iPhone or the iPad now. This also includes the latest iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Here is a list of all the devices that you can Jailbreak via Unc0ver 5.3.1.

  • All Apple A8 – A11 devices running on iOS 13/13.1/13.2/13.3/13.5
  • iOS 13/13.1/13.2/13.3/13.5 – Apple A12 and A13 Chipsets
  • Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • Apple iPhone Xs
  • Apple iPhone Xs Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPad Mini 5th Gen and iPad Air 3rd Gen/2019

Update: Unc0ver 5.3.1 is now out

The latest version of Unc0ver, the Unc0ver 5.3.1 is out now. It still supports all the devices listed above. Unc0ver 5.3.1 is more stable and it should be used to Jailbreak iOS 13.5 now.

Unc0ver Jailbreak Usecase

Jailbreaking your iOS device is going to be your personal choice. If you look at the things that you can do on a Jailbroken device, you are probably going to do it. Once Jailbroken, you can access the app stores like Cydia or Sileo. These stores bring a whole lot of applications that can modify the UI of your iPhone. You can also change the behavior of keys on the iOS device. Furthermore, you can add new features to every corner of the iPhone or iPad. The whole purpose of Jailbreak is to allow immense customization on your device. You can add new themes, change the icons, change the elements inside the apps, and a lot more. There are numerous apps to boost the performance and battery life of the Jailbroken iOS gadget.

Download Unc0ver 5.3.1 IPA

Unc0ver 5.3.1. IPADownload

Install Unc0ver 5.3.1 to Jailbreak iOS 13.5

There are two methods to install the Unc0ver 5.3.1 IPA on your iPhone/iPad. You can either install it via AltStore or the Cydia Impactor. For the latter, you would need a Developer account. I am going to list down the instructions for AltStore here only.

Follow this guide to download Unc0ver 5.3.1 via AltStore.


That’s all for now. Have you Jailbroken your device already? If so, share your experience with us using the comment section below. What are your favorite iOS 13.5 Jailbreak tweaks? Do list them below as well.

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