Download & Install Unc0ver 5.3.1 via AltStore – Jailbreak iOS 13.5


Unc0ver 5.3.1 is here which means you can finally Jailbreak iOS 13.5. The new Unc0ver 5.3.1 Jailbreaks every iOS device running every signed version of iOS. This supports all iOS 11 to iOS 13.5 devices and also the iPadOS devices. The best method to download Unc0ver 5.0 is via AltStore. Here are the steps to download and install Unc0ver 5.3.1 via AltStore. I have listed the instructions for both the macOS and Windows.

Jailbreak iOS 13.5 via Unc0ver 5.3.1

Unc0ver 5.3.1 is the latest version of this famous Jailbreak tool. It’s coming out the Unc0ver 4.3.1 which supports the iOS versions up to iOS 13.3 only. The Unc0ver 5.0 is based on the 0day exploit. For those who have no idea, the 0day is a software/hardware vulnerability that is found only once the product is shipped. The announcement for this latest Unc0ver version was made by its developer pwn20wnd on his official Twitter account.

After days of the announcement, the developer had put a timer on his website and began the countdown a couple of hours ago. The Unc0ver 5.0 is finally here. You can now download the Unc0ver 5.0 IPA as well. According to the Unc0ver 5.0 developer, the safest method to install this latest Jailbreak solution is via the AltStore. For Cydia Impactor, you would need a developer account which is quite a hassle. If you do not want to opt for the Cydia Impactor method, find the instructions given on this page to Jailbreak iOS 13.5 via AltStore now.

Unc0ver 5.3.1 Compatability list

  • All iOS & iPadOS devices running version 11.0 – 13.5.
  • All iPhones & iPads running signed iOS 11.0 – 13.5.
  • It also supports the newest iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.
  • iPhone X, XS, XS Max.
  • iPhone 8 & 8 Plus.
  • Supports iPhone SE.
  • iPhone 7 & 7 Plus.
  • And many other devices.

Disclaimer: Remember that this is a semi-untethered Jailbreak method. It means that every time you restart the phone, you will lose the Jailbreak and you will have to repeat the “Unc0ver Jailbreak” steps again. Also, before Jailbreaking the device, take a full backup. A backup will bring back everything if you plan to unjailbreak your device at a later point. Make sure that you understand everything and you know well what you are about to do.

Download & setup AltStore on iMac/Macbook.

  1. Download AtlStore on iMac or Macbook from here.
  2. Unzip the AltStore setup and drop it on the Apps to install it.
  3. Open AltStore on the computer from the icon appearing in the top menu bar.
  4. Click on “Install Mail Plug-in > Install Plug-in”.Install Unc0ver 5.0 via AltStore
  5. Once it asks for the computer’s password, enter it to start the installation.
  6. After successfully installing the plug-in, open the Mail App on Mac, and go to Preferences.unc0ver 5.0 via altstore
  7. In Preferences, click on the General tab > Manage Plug-ins button.
  8. Click on the checkbox appearing next to AltPlugin.mailbundle and click on Apply & Restart Mail.installing mailbundle on altstore
  9. Connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer now.
  10. Click on AtlStore icon again > Install AltStore > Select your device > Enter your Apple ID/Password.altstore id password
  11. Finish the AltStore installation now.

Do not launch the AltStore yet. On the iPhone, go to Settings > General > Device Management > Click on the Apple ID > Trust the AltStore profile now. AltStore is fully set up after this and you can follow the Jailbreak instructions now.altstore profile

Download & setup AltStore on Windows 10 & below

  1. On the Windows PC, download and install the latest iTunes: Windows 64 Bit | Windows 32 Bit
  2. Now download AltStore for Windows 10 using this link.
  3. Extract the downloaded file and run the AltStore setup.
  4. Now go to Windows search > find AltServer and launch it.
  5. Connect your iOS device to the computer now.
  6. Click on the more (arrow-up) button in the lower-left corner of the taskbar and click on the Diamond button > Install AltStore.altstore altserver on windows 10
  7. Select your device and install the AltStore now.
  8. Once AltStore asks for Apple ID & Password or App-Specific Password, enter it and finish the installation.

Do not launch the AltStore yet. On the iPhone, go to Settings > General > Device Management > Click on the Apple ID > Trust the AltStore profile now. AltStore is fully set up after this and you can follow the Jailbreak instructions now.

Install Unc0ver 5.3.1 via AltStore

  1. On the iPhone/iPad, open the Safari Browser.
  2. Go to this site:
  3. Click on “Download” button appearing on that page.
  4. This will download the Unc0ver 5.3.1 IPA on the iPhone.
  5. Click on the Download Manager in Safari and select the Unc0ver.ipa file to open it in the viewer.
  6. Now click on the Share button > More > Copy to AltStore.copy unc0ver 5.0 to altstore
  7. AltStore will open up now, enter your Apple ID and Password that you used to install AltStore.altstore installed on iphone
  8. Unc0ver 5.0 IPA installation will begin now and it will appear in your sideloaded apps.
  9. Launch Unc0ver 5.0 from the apps, hit the Jailbreak button to Jailbreak iOS 13.5 now.

install unc0ver 5.0 via altstore

What’s next after installing Unc0ver 5.3.1?

Once the Unc0ver has been installed, you are all set to install Cydia. In fact, Cydia should appear once you have Jailbroken your iPhone or iPad. You can now open Cydia and start installing all compatible apps on your device. Cydia store is full of apps that can reveal the true potential of your iOS device. You can perform thousands of UI customizations. The button behavior and hardware behavior of the iPhone can be manipulated. You can also bring in new features using some of the coolest Jailbreak apps. One of the biggest advantages of Jailbreaking your iOS device is to be able to boost its battery life and performance.

For those of you who are worried about the legal aspects of Jailbreak, remember that Jailbreak is not illegal. It has been declared legal in a number of countries. You are free to do whatever you want to do with your personal iPhone/iPad.


If at any point you want to unjailbreak the iPhone or iPad, you can simply install new firmware via iTunes. New firmware will completely remove the Jailbreak including the Unc0ver 5.0 and Cydia along with its tweaks from the iOS-powered device. While doing so, make sure that you have had a backup of your iPhone prior to Jailbreaking it. Otherwise, you will just get a new/fresh iPhone without your previous data. If you run into any problems while Jailbreaking or unjailbreaking your iPhone, feel free to reach out to us using the comment section below. I will try my best to get back to you ASAP.

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