Download WhatsApp Lite APK for Android


You can download WhatsApp Lite APK from here. There is no official WhatsApp Lite version available but there are few WhatsApp Forked versions which are lightweight.

As we all know that Lite version of every app is designed to work with minimal specs. It is mostly designed for low-end devices. Since not everyone can afford high-end smartphones. Moreover, lite versions consume less battery, low storage, and they also consume less mobile data. However, you will not be able to use all the features.

WhatsApp Lite

The official WhatsApp version eats up a lot of resources. Not only that, but it also eats up your storage and drains the life out of your battery. That is the reason we made this post, here you will find best WhatsApp Lite versions for your Android devices. You can use these apps on low-end Android devices and they won’t slow down your device.

All of these WhatsApp versions developed by other developers. None of these are designed by official developers of Facebook. You will get the most of the features of WhatsApp and along with them, you will get a number of new features. Moreover, all of these WhatsApp alternates are low in size. Let’s get started now.

What is WhatsApp Lite?

WhatsApp Lite is the forked version of Worlds popular cross-messaging platform. WA allows you to send text messages, GIF, Photos, Videos, Documents, You can make video and audio calls for free. WhatsApp is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Moreover, they also launched a WhatsApp Web version.

You can run WhatsApp on mobile data and also on your internet connection. WhatsApp performs really well on both connections. However, when it comes to Video calling, you need to have a good WiFi or mobile data connection.

WhatsApp Lite App for Android:

Download WhatsApp Lite App for your Android device from below. All of the provided WhatsApp alternates are lightweight.

WhatsApp Lite:

This is the best WhatsApp lite version available for Android devices. It has all the functionalities of the official WhatsApp app. However, it is lightweight, it eats up fewer resources as compare to the original WA App. The interface is the same as the original one. Moreover, you can restore your original WhatsApp account data on WhatsApp Lite.

GBWhatsApp MiNi:

If you have used GBWhatsApp then you will be glad to know that, it also has a lite version. It is lightweight and also it carries all the core function of GBWhatsApp. This mini version of GBWA is specially designed for low-end Android devices.


  • You can read the message after being deleted by the sender.
  • GB WhatsApp made downloading status easier.
  • Send file up to 1GB.
  • Automatic updates are supported.
  • Lock your chat.
  • Hide Online Status, Blue Ticks, Double Tick, Blue microphone

Soula WhatsApp Lite:

The second one the list is Soula WhatsApp Lite, this app is fast & secure. Works perfectly on low-end Android devices. Clean UI and also you will get a number of good options to customize your interface. Soula WhatsApp Lite comes with all the new and updated Emoji packs.


  • All the hidden features are unlocked.
  • You can send upto 100 different file formats using Soula WhatsApp.
  • At a time you can send 100 images in one go.

WhatsApp Prime Lite:

On the third number, we have WhatsApp Prime Lite. I am not quite sure why the developer of WhatsApp Prime Lite said: ” This app is better than the original one “. I don’t agree with that. However, there is no doubt that WhatsApp Prime Lite comes with a bundle of new features which are not available on the original WA application.

To be honest, this app is the perfect clone of the original WhatsApp. The developer added a number of customization options to engage more users.


How to Download WhatsApp Lite?

  • Use the links provided above to download WA Lite APK.
  • Enable Unknown Sources on your Android device.
  • Head over to the Downloads Folder. Tap on WA lite APK file.
  • Heed the instruction provided on the screen to install it.

Restore WhatsApp Chat on Lite Version?

  • First, you need to make a backup of your WhatsApp. [ Open Whatsapp → Go to Settings → Chats → Backup chats.]
  • Uninstall the official version of WhatsApp.
  • Head over to the file manager, look for WhatsApp folder. Rename it, for e.g If you have download GBWhatsApp, rename the folder to GBWhatsApp.
  • Also, change the WA Media folder name to GBWhatsApp.

That’s all.

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