How to Change WhatsApp Theme [No Root] 2018


Here’s how you can Change WhatsApp Theme. WhatsApp is a great communication tool; it lets us interact with our friends, family, and acquaintances free of cost as well as gives us the freedom to express ourselves using statuses, profile pictures and more. The app constantly gets updated and so many new features are introduced to keep users stick to the app and choose nothing over it.

Well, that works in a lot of ways. However, one thing that has been constant in the app is the green color flashing in our eyes. To be honest, it is getting a little too monotonous and towards the boring end. Surprisingly, with so many improvements going on, they are doing nothing to give us the option to change WhatsApp Theme.

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I was encouraged to find out there was a possibility to change WhatsApp theme and it might also be in your knowledge that if you own a rooted phone, it actually opens a whole gate of possibilities especially for you to customize and play around with the outlook of phone and apps including WhatsApp.

But what about those people who do not want to root their phones? Here is the answer; in this article, you are actually going to find out how to Download & Change WhatsApp Theme. And it does not involve rooting your devices.

How to Download & Change WhatsApp Theme [No Root]:

In this article, you will learn the easy way to download a WhatsApp theme on your phone. Imagine how great it would be to have a refreshed look of your WhatsApp application. You can easily download a colorful and vibrant theme that will suit your taste and your eyes are going to love communicating on WhatsApp with the new look.

Change WhatsApp Theme

Download WhatsApp Theme:

First and foremost, make sure to get a backup of your WhatsApp chats and data. Once you have taken the backup, we can then proceed to download WhatsApp theme.

  • Uninstall your WhatsApp application.
  • Moving forward, now you have to download GB WhatsApp apk on your phone.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed the app, open it.
  • You have to register with the app just like you did with your WhatsApp; give your phone number and verify it through the code.
  • Next, restore the WhatsApp chat back up.
  • That’s it. Your all-new WhatsApp is ready to use.

The good thing about GB WhatsApp is that it works exactly like WhatsApp however, it also additionally gives you permission to customize the app.

Change WhatsApp Theme:

  • To change your WhatsApp Theme, click on the 3 dots on the top right corner to go into Settings.
  • Now, go to GB WhatsApp> Download Themes
  • Choose the theme of your choice and click ‘Apply’.
  • Now all you have to do is to restart the app to get the new WhatsApp theme on your phone.

WhatsApp Themes: Change WhatsApp Theme Using YOWhatsApp:

  • Download YOWhatsApp on your Android device.
  • Activate your YOWhatsApp account as you do on the official WhatsApp.
  • Click on the Settings Icon and Tap on YoThemes -> Download YoThemes.
  • You’ll see a number of themes, choose the one you like the most and Tap on Install.

Before you go, I would like to share a piece of information for the wondering minds. GB WhatsApp works similar to WhatsApp in all aspects. It is safe to use and reliable. You will also be able to enjoy its many more amazing features as well that the WhatsApp application does not offer.


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