Use Split-screen Mode and Floating Window on Huawei Mate Xs [ EMUI 10 ]


Herewith this guide, you will learn How to use Split-screen Mode and Floating Window on Huawei Mate Xs running EMUI 10.

Split-screen Mode and Floating Window on Huawei Mate Xs

Well, all know that Huawei Mate Xs is the foldable smartphone introduced by Huawei and it’s pretty good not the best but good. Since Huawei Mate Xs has huge 8-inch widescreen and it is foldable, which means we can use Split-screen Mode on Huawei Mate Xs.

Not only Split-screen Mode, but you can also enjoy the Floating Window and Split-screen Mode at the same time. Well, why not use slipt mode, Huawei Mate Xs has a big like a very big screen and this is the best way to utilize it.

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If you are getting confused with the Split-screen mode, let me clear things for you. I am talking about the Multi-Windows options, just like we use it on our PC. Same goes for Split-screen mode, you can use two apps at a time and they will be displayed side by side.

There are many benefits of Split-screen mode but there is one like I like the most. I got tons of documents to work with and believe me, I can easily edit documents and copy & paste content from one to another.

Once you start using it, you will get a better idea of what I am talking about. Now the next feature is the floating window, If you have a specific app that you use the most then the floating window feature is for you.

No need to switch between apps, all you have to do is dock your favorite apps. Once done, now a user can use three apps at the same time, two apps in Split-screen mode and one app in the floating window.

I think that is enough for the introduction of both Split-screen mode and floating Window. Let me tell you now how you can Use Split-screen Mode and Floating Window on Huawei Mate Xs. Also, keep in mind these instructions are for EMUI 10.

Use Split-screen Mode and Floating Window on Huawei Mate Xs:

Let’s start now and tell you how to use both of these features on Huawei Mate Xs. I am starting with the Split-screen Mode.

Split-screen Mode:

Before you start using any feature, first you must enable it. Heed the instructions below to Enable Split-screen Mode.

Enable Split-screen Mode from the Multi-Window Dock:

Step1: Open an app and start swiping inwards, either to the left or right edge. While doing that keep holding on and it will bring up the MultiWindow dock.

Step2: Once the MultiWindow dock is activated, drag an app out of the MultiWindow dock.

Switch the split-screen panes:

Now that you have enabled Split-screen Mode. Let me tell you how you can easily switch the split-screen panes.

It’s also very easy, all you need do is touch & hold the adjuster icon located at the top. Keep on dragging and holding until the pane shrinks. Once it’s shrunk, move it across the screen.

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Exit Split-screen mode:

It’s very easy, all of us know that. Use the back key to exit Split-screen mode.

Now let me tell you how to use the Floating Window. Before moving on, please know that Floating Window is also accessed through Multi-Window Dock.

  1. First, you need to swipe inwards either from left or right and keep on holding. This will bring up the Multi-Window dock.
  2. Now once Multi-Window dock is activated, just tap on the app icon to open an app in a floating window.

Add, Move, or Remove an App from the Multi-Window Doc:

If you have used Samsung in the past, you will be well familiar with the edge Panel. Where you can add a number of Apps for quick access. The same goes for Multi-Window Doc on Huawei Mate Xs. You can easily remove, Add, Move apps from multi-window.

    • If you need to add an app on Huawei Mate Xs Multi-Window Doc. Tap on + button, select an app from the suggested apps shown there.
    • Moving an app from one position to another is very simple too. Again Tap on + Button, now drag any app from one position to another.
    • Removing an app from Multi-Window dock is the same, tap on + button, you will see a “-” icon against every app. Tap on it to remove.

Disable Multi-Window:

  • Settings > Accessibility features > Multi-Window, then disable Multi-Window dock.

That’s all. This is how you can use Split-screen Mode and Floating Window on Huawei Mate Xs. Let me know if you don’t get anything.

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