Download Google Play on Huawei HMS Phones via Google Space


A new method to download Google Play on Huawei HMS phones has just landed. This new method uses an app called Google Space. Luckily, this method seems to be working on all the phones that Huawei has released to date. This also includes Huawei’s newest Mate 40 and might also work on a few upcoming Huawei smartphones. So, in this guide, I am going to show you how you can download Google Play on Huawei HMS Phones via Google Space right now. Before I show you the steps, let me also give you a flashback of the love and hate affair of Google and Huawei.Google Play on Huawei


Google Play Store on Huawei Phones

A couple of years back, Huawei has banned by the US for having ties with the Chinese Government. Since then, Huawei has been facing bottlenecks every now and then which includes termination of Google’s services on Huawei’s devices, Huawei’s network equipment sanctions in the US, several platforms that had to say Goodbye to Huawei, and also the famous chipmaker ARM was disallowed to work with Huawei. As of January 2021, Huawei is not allowed to make any new chips with the support manufacturers from the US or from the UK.

Huawei moved on from Google’s framework long back, but Huawei’s own alternative of the Play Store, the App Gallery is not mature enough yet. In fact, there are millions of common applications that are still unavailable on the App Gallery. The App Gallery’s app installation method is also somewhat tricky. It even lists the APKs from unverified third-party websites which makes a lot of Huawei users a bit curious about its functionality. Even today, a huge percentage of Huawei smartphone users want to see the Google Play Store working on their devices despite Huawei’s best efforts to kill its dependency on Google Apps.

In the last 2 years, there have been over a dozen methods allowing the installation of Google Apps on Huawei phones, but these methods keep getting patched. We have had the solutions like the GMS Installer, the GMSanzhuangqi App, the backup-restore method, and many other such tricks. The only problem with these tricks is that sooner or later, they come to an end leaving Huawei consumers in a street with a dead end.

If you have been eyeing a new method recently and you are on this page right now, first of all, I’d like to congratulate you as a new method is finally here. Let’s now take a look at the simplest, easiest, and quickest method to download Google Play Store on Huawei phones in 2021.

There are no pre-requisites, there are no third-party downloads required, there are no extra steps involved, this method is as sweet as sugarcane.

Download and Install Google Play on Huawei HMS Phones

  1. On your Huawei handset, open the App Gallery.
  2. In the App Gallery’s search, type “Google Space”.
  3. As you find the Google Space App, install it.
  4. Once installed, click on “Open” at the bottom of Google Space.Google Play on Huawei
  5. Now click on “Google Play” and launch it.Google Play on Huawei HMS Phones
  6. Log into Google Play using your Google Account.Google Play on Huawei
  7. All done, install any app you want and enjoy the Play Store!Google Play on Huawei HMS Phones

Video to download Play Store on Huawei HMS Phones via Google Space

I have also created a short video on the same. If the method above is not clear enough, watch the video where I have demonstrated how you can install Play Store on your Huawei handset in 2021. In this video, I have installed and ran the Google Sheets successfully on a Huawei smartphone.

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