Samsung to use battery from ATL for Galaxy Tab S3


 A report out of South Korea confirms that Samsung will use batteries from China’s Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) for their high-end flagship tablet Galaxy Tab S3. If you followed through the Galaxy Note 7 battery exploding fiasco, you would remember that Amprex Technology Limited was one of the battery suppliers.

Initially when the batteries started exploding, Samsung thought that batteries from SDI were at fault and recalled the smartphones and switched to ATL’s batteries but the issue persisted and led to the discontinuation of Note 7. Upon investigation it was revealed that the batteries were faulty and the devices exploded due to manufacturing flaws and irregular size.

 Samsung for their upcoming S-series flagship is not getting batteries from ATL but they have partnered with Sony, Murata Manufacturers and Samsung SDI to get the batteries. It is curious that Samsung would partner with ATL for their tablet but not for their smartphone. One of the sources close to the company stated that, ‘Despite the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Electronics was said to have not changed battery suppliers.’

Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy Tab S3 at the MWC on 26th February. Well industry experts are going to keep a close eye on the tablet to see how the battery performs. If the same ends up happening with Galaxy Tab S3 then it would be very difficult for Samsung to regain consumers trust.