A look at the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco from its release to the production suspension


Samsung brought its latest Galaxy Note phablet to light back in August. Samsung’s exclusive unpacked event excited everyone, raised the hopes and when the Galaxy Note 7 came out, it certainly met all the expectations of users. At a glance, the Galaxy Note 7 looked a great phone. Galaxy Note 7’s premium build, a revamped design and the new cool colors made the phone look stunning. Samsung pushed in the top-notch hardware and also loaded the completely revamped TouchWiz Grave UI in the phone. Everything was going well until the very first Note 7 explosion report came out from somewhere in the world.note-7-explosion-photo

Smartphone explosions once in a blue moon are something more than common. That’s what everyone thought when the very first Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion report popped up. No one actually thought that the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7 will turn into a whole new fiasco and drown Samsung’s brand image all of a sudden. As the explosions kept on increasing, Samsung had to make a recall for all the Galaxy Note 7 all across the globe. This was supposed to undo all the damage to Samsung’s image and the procedure, up to some extent, worked really well.

Sometimes there is bad luck, and sometimes hard luck joins bad luck. The composite of hard luck an bad luck can result in a great disaster and that’s what exactly happened with Samsung. After the recall, Samsung started rolling out the new safe Galaxy Note 7 devices. Soon after the users got their hands on safe Galaxy Note 7s, reports of explosion of the Note 7 units furthered. Alas, this time they were safe Galaxy Note 7s.

After keeping a close watch on the Note 7 disaster, major carries in the US and UK halted the sale of these phones. While the reports of fire issues kept coming in one after another, Samsung had to break the silence and it finally suspended the Note 7 production until further notice.

To shed some light on the entire Note 7 debacle, Michale from mobielkopen.net sent us a infographic. The infographic is formed really well and explains how the Galaxy Note 7 explosions started, what steps Samsung took and where this entire drama led Samsung to. Have a look to learn everything about this matter.infographic-note-7-mobielkopen-big-en


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