At&t officially discontinues Galaxy Note 7, no more Note 7s from At&t


Since the launch of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has been through a deluge because of the Note 7 explosion fiasco. The Galaxy Note 7, as it came out, seemed a great device. Samsung’s SDI firm, the company responsible for making non-removable batteries of the Note 7 did not do its homework which caused Samsung a more than great damage. The explosion issue on the Galaxy Note 7 did not only hurt Samsung’s high running revenues, it also hit Samsung right in the back with the company’s reputation and its trust among the users. Samsung tried its best to undo all the damage by recalling the phone all across the globe, and it even conducted a successful recall with hundred thousands of smartphones.

The recall started recovering Samsung’s reputation, but things didn’t seem to go in the right direction and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was found seeing the light of another recall. The replacement units, proclaimed as safe Galaxy Note 7s started catching fire, which led to a great fire against the Galaxy Note 7 on the internet. Samsung has been working closely with the CPSC to ensure that the entire Galaxy Note 7 goes safe and sound, but Samsung is just hit hard by badluck and hardluck this time. The combination of badluck and hardluck here has made it hard for the Galaxy Note 7 to survive.note-7-explosion-photo

Following the news of replacement Galaxy Note 7 explosions on a flight and in the hands of users, the major US Carriers have taken a notice of the users. The worst thing may have happened for Samsung just now as At&t has officially announced that it’s kicking out the Galaxy Note 7 from its smartphone lineup.

Apart from removing the Galaxy Note 7 from its smartphone bucket, At&t has also announced that it is no longer offering the Galaxy Note 7 replacements. The users with an At&t Galaxy Note 7 can either get a refund or any other smartphone by Samsung or any other manufacturer. In an official statement, At&t said:

“Based on recent reports, we’re no longer exchanging new Note 7s at this time, pending further investigation of these reported incidents, we still encourage customers with a recalled Note 7 to visit an AT&T location to exchange that device for another Samsung smartphone or other smartphone of their choice.”

Now that At&t has taken its step, it won’t be surprising to see other carriers following its footsteps anytime soon. This has indeed resulted in more bad news for Samsung. For this year, it won’t be wrong to say that Samsung failed to play its cards right. Users are now avoiding getting their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and this fire has also affected other smartphones as company’s reputation keeps falling apart.

What do you think about the entire Galaxy Note 7 debacle? Experts are suggesting that Samsung should discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 and move on. Do you think the same? Let us know!