TikTok rating drops to 2.0 – Here’s why this happened


TikTok, the famous social media app is under hot waters after the recent YouTube vs TikTok controversy. TikTok’s rating has dropped drastically. The app’s rating was stable at around 4.5 for quite a few years, but all of a sudden, it has dropped to 2.0. It took only a couple of days to happen. You might wonder what happened. We know what happened and let us tell you the whole story.


TikTok vs YouTube

A few days back, TikTokers were roasted by the famous Indian YouTuber CarryMinati. TikTok has one of the biggest user-bases in India. And there is an equal number of people who find TikTok an extreme example of cringe. According to the TikTok-haters, the TikToker’s create queer content without putting much effort. TikTokers from India have millions of subscribers. Some of the TikTokers considering themselves better than the most popular YouTube content creators took this step to raise the voices against them. As a result, they were taken to the cleaners by CarryMinati, in response to what, Amir Siddiqui, a TikToker with 4 Million+ TikTok subscribers responded back belittling the entire YouTube community.

Response to TikTokers

In response to Amir Siddiqui’s defaming video, CarryMinati made another video going harsh on the entire TikTok community. The video went viral and became the most-liked non-music YouTube video in India’s YouTube history. Carry Minati’s video crossed 70 Million views in 3 days and ranged 10 Million likes in this time period. While the video took YouTube India by storm, Tiktokers started reporting it. As a result, the video was removed leaving CarryMinati and other Indian YouTubers in a great shock. This video was on its way to becoming the biggest non-corporate video in YouTube’s history, but breaks were applied after being reported.tiktok vs youtube

Hundreds of Indian YouTubers came out in support of CarryMinati seeking justice. The Indian Tech Prodigy, TechnicalGuruji went ahead to delete YouTube from all of his smartphones and encouraged his 15 Million+ subscribers to do the same.

While CarryMinati’s subscribers are loyal to him, they despise TikTokers at the same time. Finding out what really happened, the Indian users did not only uninstall the app, they also started reporting it in the Play Store and posted negative reviews.

Netizen’s answer to TikTok on the Play Store

Now India has a population of over 1.3 Billion with over 900 Million Netizens. Imagine the impact of such active internet users on an app as small as TikTok. TikTok has over a Billion downloads so far, and I suspect nearly half of these installations came from India. Obviously the TikTokers will still stick to the app, but the users who had the app for the sake of watching the videos only, definitely tried to play their role to support CarryMinati.

As a result, TikTok’s rating has dropped from 4.5 to 2.0 just in a matter of 2 days. If things keep going on like this, we might not be able to find TikTok in the Play Store in a few days.

CarryMinati’s new video

In the meanwhile, Ajay Nagar (CarryMinati) has already made a clarification video which as also got about 42 Million views in 2 days with over 7.1 Million likes in total. Ajay explains in the new video that his slangs have been taken out of context. Ajay’s deleted video was only for entertainment purposes and did not mean anything in reality. Ajay’s new video is well on its way to break the records once again.

What’s next for TikTok?

In the past, there have been several petitions in many countries regarding the removal of TikTok from the Play Store in that specific region. So far, TikTok has managed to survive, but things have taken a new term this time. No one is asking anyone to remove the app, the users are only giving it negative ratings which is much more dangerous than asking the authorities to remove the app. If TikTok ends up hitting the lowest rating, it might automatically meet its fate.

Let us know about your take on this on-going controversy. We would love to hear you out in the comments below.

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  1. So TikTok users reported the YouTube video, YouTube takes it down and somehow it is TikTok’s fault and not Youtube’s fault for taking down the video. If they wanted they could have reported the TikTok users and not the platform. Attacking a free platform that lets users express themselves (even if you don’t like it) is cowardice to say the least. If they wanted they could have tracked down all TikTok’s users that reported the YouTube video and have their TikTok videos reported as well – but hey, too much work, right?

    • Well I call it a cat fight. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Everyone should let everyone do whatever they want.

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