‘Irregular batteries’ and ‘manufacturing flaws’ to be blamed for Galaxy Note 7 disaster


Earlier today we reported that Samsung will make the findings of the investigation on Galaxy Not 7 public on 23rd January. An early report by Wall Street Journal highlights the two key issues that Samsung will put the blame on to. The first being the irregular battery size and the second being the manufacturing flaws in the finished product.

To identify the issues which led to the discontinuation of Galaxy Note 7 after a global recall, Samsung hired three independent quality-control and supply-chain analysis firms to conduct the investigation. This shows the company’s commitment to find and then work on the issues identified. These investigation agencies have highlighted two issues which led to Galaxy Note 7 overheating and then exploding.

Samsung used two different manufacturers, Samsung SDI and Amperex Technology, to supply the batteries for the Galaxy Note 7. When the issue first become public, Samsung thought that the issue was with batteries which were produced by Samsung SDI as they did not fit properly in the device. This led to a recall of the devices using the SDI battery and pushed Amperex Technology to produce more batteries. In addition to this, Samsung wanted to ensure that they had enough devices in the market so they rushed the manufacturing process. Not having adequate time to check whether everything is working in accordance and quality testing led to ‘unknown’ manufacturing faults.

Galaxy Note 7 no doubt was an amazing device with impeccable features but in a bid to gain competitive edge over its competitors they could not maintain the quality of their products. This seems to be the reason that they have delayed the release of Galaxy S8. The S-series flagship is usually unveiled at the MWC in February but this time around they will be launching it on 29th March. More details about the investigation will come on 23rd January when Samsung hold its press conference.

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