LG G6 launching in USA on 7th April


LG has a lot riding on their upcoming flagship, LG G6 after the lack luster sales in 2016. To date we have seen the company employ an aggressive marketing strategy set to beat its biggest rival Samsung. To do just that LG pushed back the release dates to 10th March, so that in the space left by Samsung, they could tip the sales in their favor. Now it seems that on 10th March, LG G6 will only be heading to South Korea, its home country and in the US markets it will be launching on 7th April.

It seems that residents in USA and most probably other international markets will get their hands on the LG G6 in April. LG after their mis-step last year with a modular G5 design have reverted back to a uni-body metal glass design which is sleek and impressive. The different renders and leaked images that we have seen till yet hint at how the company has worked on producing what they claim as ‘The Ideal Smartphone‘.

LG G6 will sport a 5.7-inch display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. Under the hood it will be equipped by Snapdragon 821 instead of the latest Snapdragon 835 as Samsung got their hands on the early supply. In addition it will have a battery that will not overheat as they have made use of a copper pipe mechanism that distribute the heat. This is another jab at Samsung and their exploding battery issues in Note 7. LG G6 will most probably have either IP67 or IP68 rating and may even have Google Assistant onboard.


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