Leaked image of LG G6 looks like the real deal


LG will be unveiling their latest flagship, LG G6 on 26th February at the MWC 2017. As per tradition whenever a new flagship is coming around, the weeks prior to its announcement are rampant with leaks and rumors. LG G6 has been no different, to date we have seen its press renders and its prototype. Now another image of LG G6 has leaked and it looks like the real deal. 

The image shows the rear of the device which confirms a few key details that we have seen earlier. LG G6 will have a dual camera setup and beneath that there will be a fingerprint sensor. In the prototype image leak, we were not sure about the finished product. Well the new image shows off LG G6 in with glossy black back panel and the G6 logo can be seen at the bottom of the device. If LG is going for a premium design and finish then a metal glass design has been used.

LG G6 is LG’s bid at regaining their market share and recovering from the loss incurred by LG G5. In addition one other thing that they are working on is maximizing their profits in Samsung’s flagships absence. For that they have kicked back the release dates to 10th March where Samsung will be launching Galaxy S8 on 29th March with its launch dates expected in mid-April. So, LG will have ample time to court consumers and hedge the bets in their favor. If the finished product looks similar to what we have seen in leaks and renders, LG has a pretty good chance of achieving just that.


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