Samsung to unveil Galaxy S8 on 29th March in the US and Europe


Yesterday Samsung confirmed that it will not be announcing its next flagship, Galaxy S8 at the MWC 2017 next month. The tispter @Ricciolo1 mentions that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S8 on 29th March with events taking place in both US and Europe. The tweeter had tipped earlier that Galaxy S8 will not be unveiled at the MWC 2017 and only a select few people will have a look at it at the event. This was confirmed yesterday.

Samsung is holding two exclusive global events for the Galaxy S8. The events will probably be held in New York and London on 29th March. Another aspect that is highlighted in the tweet is ‘record breaking marketing campaign’, it seems that Samsung is working on devising how to market Galaxy S8. Yesterday’s press conference talking in detail about the issues that caused Galaxy Note 7 to explode seems to be one step of that campaign in regaining consumers trust back by being accountable about the issues.

The Korean giant unveils their S-flagship at the MWC but this time around they have delayed the announcement as they have taken the time to test the product. Samsung Mobile division will not be able to sustain its market position if another episode similar to what happened to Galaxy Note 7 happened occurs.

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