Download Google Gapps for Android 9.0 Pie

Custom ROM users can download Google Gapps for Android 9.0 Pie here. The unofficial Opengapps Google Gapps packages have been released. The Google Gapps for Android Pie can be installed on any custom ROM including the LineageOS 16 and all other AOSP ROMs. XDA senior member Nezorflame is the one who came forward with these unofficial builds. All the Gapps packages, from AROMA to TV Stock have been put forward by Nezorflame.

Google Gapps for Android 9.0 Pie

What is Google Gapps?

Google Gapps is a package. It is basically a zip file that can be flashed on an Android phone. This package includes the applications by Google that play a vital role in the basic functionality of an Android phone. All the important Google applications such as Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Google Play Games, and Google Play Music are packed inside this package.

Google Gapps are used for the custom ROMs that do not have any applications pre-installed. For example, the LineageOS 16 based on Android Pie does not include any application. It does not have any basic Google app either. To install these Google apps, you need the Google Gapps package.

Without the Google Gapps, your Android phone will look quite dull. You will not be able to access the Google Play Store which means you will not be able to install any application directly from the store either. Without the Play Store, the only way to install applications is by using the APK files for manual installation.

The Google Play Services and Google Play Store are the two most important Google Gapps. All of you know that the Play Store is the biggest repository of Android applications. On the other hand, the Play Services link the applications running on your phone with the Play Store. It is the Play Services that keep the track of all the updates and inform you when a new update comes out. The Play Services work as a framework for all the Google Apps to run on your Android.

This means even the smallest Google Gapps package will have the two aforementioned applications. There are over 8 different variants of Google Gapps available at the moment. All the packages have different apps inside. Larger the size, larger will be the number of apps will be present in the Gapps package and vice versa. Now, it totally depends on the user what package he wants to install or what apps he wants to see on the phone.

Android 9 Pie Google Gapps Packages

The AROMA package allows users to select what apps they want to install. The installation menu comes up when the flashing process installs inside a custom recovery. The TV Stock package is a completely different list of applications. The comparison of remaining packages can be seen below.

Application NameAROMASuperStockFullMiniMicroNanoPico
Android Messages *
Chrome Browser*
Cloud Print*
Device Health Services*
Google Apps Device Policy*
Google Calculator*
Google Calendar*
Google Camera*
Google Connectivity Services*
Google Contacts*
Google Desk Clock*
Google Dialer*
Google Docs*
Google Drive*
Google Duo*
Google Earth*
Google Fitness*
Google Indic Keyboard*
Google Japanese Input*
Google Keep*
Google Keyboard*
Google Korean Input*
Google News & Weather*
Google NFC Tags*
Google Now Launcher*
Google Package Installer*
Google Pay*
Google Pinyin Input*
Google Play Books*
Google Play Games*
Google Play Movies & TV*
Google Play Music*
Google News Stand*
Google Play Services*
Google Print Recommendation Service*
Google Search*
Google Sheets*
Google Slides*
Google Storage Manager*
Google Street View*
Google Text-to-Speech*
Google VR Services*
Google Translate*
Google Zhuyin Input*
Google Hangouts*
Google Maps*
Pixel Icons*
Pixel Launcher (replaces stock/AOSP Launcher)*
Photos (replaces stock/AOSP Gallery)*
Project Fi by Google*
GApps TV Stock
    • Android TV Customization
    • Android TV Widget
    • Gamepad Pairing Service
    • Global Key Interceptor
    • Landscape Wallpaper
    • Lean back Keyboard
    • Overscan Calibrator
    • Pairing Tutorial
    • Remote Control Service
    • Second Screen Setup
    • Second Screen Setup Auth Bridge
    • TV Voice Input
    • Android TV Launcher
    • Android TV Remote Control
    • Backdrop Daydream
    • The Google Cast Receiver
    • The Google Play Movies & TV
    • Play Music
    • Google Search
    • The Google Webview
    • Live Channels
    • TalkBack
    • TV Recommendations
    • YouTube
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