Download Google Gapps for Android Oreo


Android 8.0 Oreo has been released by Google. The official update is already running well on the Google Pixel and Nexus devices. It will take a lot of time for other phone manufacturers to cook this update for their devices and then roll it out. While the smartphone companies are making the official update for their phones, Android developers are busy making the Custom ROMs for the phones. It doesn’t take very long for the ROM developers to come up with LineageOS (former CyanogenMod), AOSP and other Custom ROMs for a number of smartphones. Custom ROMs are pretty much close to vanilla Android. They are completely free of bloatware and even the basic Google Apps. Whenever you flash a Custom ROM on an Android phone, you have to flash the Google Apps as a standalone package. It’s totally up to you whether you want to install the Google Apps on your phone or you want to go ahead without Google Apps. If you want to run a Custom ROM as your daily driver, installing Google Apps will become a necessity. In case you do not know the importance of Google Apps, then let’s understand that first.Gapps for Android Oreo

Google Apps include all the apps including the Google Play Store, Google Play Services, Google Play Music, Google Play Books and every other app that falls under the umbrella of Google. The Google Play Store is used for installing applications on your Android smartphone. The Google Play Services is responsible for keeping a track of update for the applications installed on your phone. Play Services also keep your apps in sync with the play store for timely updates. Many of the applications will simply fail to run on your phone if there is no Play Services Framework found. Similarly, Google Play Games is the basic application needed to play games and sync your gaming profile with your Google Account. All these applications are bundled into a package for easy installation on the Custom ROMs. This package is called GApps, more commonly shown as Gapps or gapps. The zip file can be flashed right after installing a Custom ROM to bring in the Google Applications in your phone.

Gapps are available in different packages. There is a micro package, there is a nano package, there is a mini package and so on. All these packages vary in size. There is also a full package which includes all the Google Apps. You can pick up a package depending on what applications you want to install on your phone. The Gapps for Android 8.0 Oreo are also available. You can now go ahead to download Google Gapps for Android Oreo.


Download Google Gapps for Android Oreo

Note: We do not own these Gapps. The credit goes to the developer of these unofficial opengapps. The smaller is the package, the less number of applications it will have.

In case you don’t know what is the architecture of your phone, you can learn about it here. You can have a look at the description of these packages in this post.

Download Google Gapps for Android Oreo – Arm Architecture

  • Gapps Aroma Package | Size: 922 MB | Download | Mirror
  • Gapps Super Package | Size: 862 MB | Download | Mirror
  • -> Gapps Stock Package | Size: 708 MB | Download | Mirror
  • Gapps Full Package | Size: 574 MB | Download | Mirror
  • Gapps Mini Package | Size: 345 MB | Download | Mirror
  • -> Gapps Micro Package | Size: 206 MB | Download | Mirror
  • Gapps Nano Package | Size: 176 MB | Download | Mirror
  • Gapps Pico Package | Size: 119 MB | Download | Mirror
  • -> Gapps TV Stock Package | Size: 180 MB | Download | Mirror

Download Google Gapps for Android Oreo – Arm64 Architecture

  • Gapps Aroma Package | Size: 975.83 MB | Download | Mirror
  • Gapps Super Package | Size: 852.29 MB | Download | Mirror
  • -> Gapps Stock Package | Size: 697.35 MB | Download | Mirror
  • Gapps Full Package | Size: 554.93 MB | Download | Mirror
  • Gapps Mini Package | Size: 310.96 MB | Download | Mirror
  • -> Gapps Micro Package | Size: 160.88 MB | Download | Mirror
  • Gapps Nano Package | Size: 130.98 MB | Download | Mirror
  • -> Gapps Pico Package | Size: 76.52 MB | Download | Mirror
  • Gapps TV Stock Package | Size: 197.89 MB | Download | Mirror
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