Galaxy S8 to launch in China on May 10th

Chinese consumers are not going to be happy about the latest information on Samsung’s new flagship. Galaxy S8 is expected to launch globally on April 21st. According to the new information that was posted on Weibo, Galaxy S8 will launch in China on May 10th.

No apparent reasons have been provided for the delay.  Samsung is already bringing their S-series flagship quite late in the market. Two apparent reasons for that are : i) Testing and re-testing devices so that no issues similar to the one Note 7 faced occur and ii) Low yield of the 10nm chipset used in the device. Galaxy S8 in China will be equipped with Snapdragon 835 chipset and even with Samsung’s first dibs on the chipset, low production rates are the major cause of delay.

Pre-orders for Galaxy S8 start on April 7th in South Korea and the device will launch there on April 21st. In Canada Galaxy S8 will hit the shelves on April 28th. The only difference between the Chinese variant is that it will come with a 6GB RAM configuration, paired with a 64GB/ 128 GB native storage.

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