Samsung Galaxy S8 with 6GB RAM variant in works for the Chinese market


Samsung is all set to officially unveil their latest flagship Galaxy S8 on March 29th. For the past few days the rumor mill is churning out news related to Galaxy S8 left and right. Well courtesy of these leaks, we have seen the spec sheets, live images of the device and even some live videos leak. A new report out of China gives some more info on the specs of the device. Kevin Wong, the research director of IHS says that Galaxy S8 will have a 6GB RAM for China bound devices.

One of the much discussed specs of the device is the ‘RAM’ configuration, reports last year suggested that Galaxy S8 will have a 6GB RAM. Later another rumor in January suggested that there would be a 6GB RAM variant will come for the Chinese market. Later on these rumors were put to rest as it was confirmed that Galaxy S8 will have a 4GB RAM. A report earlier this week suggested that there will be a 6GB RAM variant but it will only come for the China and South Korea. This aspect has been confirmed again today that a 6GB RAM of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ variant will come for the Chinese market.

One of the reason that only China will have a 6GB RAM variant is that there are different other local brands there that are already offering this RAM configuration. Brands like OnePlus and Xiaomi have smartphones with this specs and with Samsung offering a 4GB RAM variant will put it at a disadvantage. Along with that Samsung has already launched Galaxy C9 Pro with a 6GB RAM there, so this would not be difficult to achieve.

With just a few days to go, we will get to know what’s the reality behind the on going speculation. Will there be a 6GB RAM variant for China or will this be something that Samsung pushes globally.