Pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S8 start on April 7th


Samsung will be officially announcing Galaxy S8 smartphones on March 29th. The next question, when will users able to get their hands on the device? A report out of South Korea confirms that pre-orders for Galaxy S8 will start on 7th April.

Earlier it was rumored that Samsung may start pre-orders for Galaxy S8 on April 10th, looking at LG G6 sales numbers. Now this date has been pushed back and pre-orders will start on April 7th in South Korea which will continue till April 17th. Samsung may have revised the dates looking at LG’s sales numbers as their new flagship is racking up impressive sales numbers. Samsung over the weekend launched their advertisement campaign for Galaxy S8 to overshadow the sales.

There is a strong probability that pre-orders in USA and Canada will start a week after they do in South Korea. After the pre-order period end in South Korea, the company is planning to hold a ‘S8 pre-launch’ in selected carriers across the country. Selected subscribers will be able to attend the event, maybe it will be the people who pre-ordered, signed up to get more info or the Galaxy Note 7 customers who are waiting to replace their devices. To spify up the event, the company is planning to hold different prize draws and a chance at winning KRW 3 million. The smartphone will go on sale on April 21st.