How To Install Viber On Your WiFi Tablet or iPad


Viber is one of the best social chat applications, and a great way to make free calls using WiFi or 3G connectivity all over the world. There are millions of users applications using it and connected with each other all the time. Viber has got some cool features, recently a video calling feature was added as well that added a lot of charm to this application. You can also follow celebrities, and there’s a lot of other stuff to do.

Until a few months ago, Viber wasn’t compatible with WiFi Tablets. Users were able to install WhatsApp on WiFi tablets and phones with no SIM card support using the registration of the application on another mobile device and then using the details on their WiFi-only device. But this trick never worked with Viber, and a device with a SIM card support was the only way to use Viber. Are you a WiFi Tablet owner or your device’s SIM capabilities have died and you’re unable to use Viber at the moment? Well, the good news is here for you.

It looks like Viber has ditched this restriction now and they have officially added Viber support for Android WiFi Tablets and devices with no SIM card support. You can install the application and then use another device having a SIM card in order to verify Viber on your device. It’s pretty easy, in case you couldn’t figure it out yet or you’re wondering about the exact method, we’ve written it all down for you. Let’s go ahead and follow the instructions to install Viber on your WiFi Tablet / iPad or phone without SIM card support.


You need:

  • A phone having a SIM card enabled in it, it should be working properly (no need for Viber on this device.)
  • A WiFi Tablet, a smartphone with no SIM card capabilities or a WiFi iPad.
  • The latest version of Viber installed on your device.
  • Working WiFi connection.

How To Install Viber On Your WiFi Tablet or iPad

  1. Download and install Viber on your Android WiFi Tablet or Phone or an Apple iPad. Viber APK | Google Play Store | Apple App Store.
  2. Once installed, open Viber and enter your phone number, that is running in the other phone.
  3. Once entered the number, you will receive a text carrying the verification code on your other phone.
  4. Enter the verification code on your WiFi Tablet/Phone/iPad device running Viber.
  5. Once you enter the verification code, you will be able to setup Viber on your WiFi device.
  6. You can add contacts in Viber contacts now and enjoy calling your loved ones.
  7. That’s all!

You guys must be wondering why did I mention a phone without SIM card capabilities above, well here’s the answer.

I had a Galaxy Note 1 with a messed up EFS partition and it doesn’t support a SIM card anymore. I installed Viber on that and verified it using a SIM Card placed in my Xperia Z3 Compact. Here are the results of the experiment, which worked out perfectly great.


Got any issues? Feel free to reach me out using the comment box below. Thank you all.

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  1. I want this for my Nan, but does it matter that she does not have a smartphone? I want to buy her a tablet to use viber, will she still be able to receive an activation code considering she does not have a smartphone?

  2. Hi. I followed your instructions. I have a regular old cellphone, and a tablet. I entered my cell’s number on the tablet, and get a message saying I needed to upgarde viber on my mobile phone.

    Tried it on the desktop version as well, this time I was informed that I needed viber on my mobile phone.

  3. I have a regular old cellphone too and I need viber for my work. Can I get Viber on my Laptop or do I have to buy a smartphone or a tablet with sim card?

  4. Hi. Do I have to use a SIM-card to install Viber on a tablet that has a SIM-slot or can I install it without inserting the card, in the same way as with tablets that don’t have the slot?

    • You would need a sim card in another device where you can receive the verification message. Your tab doesn’ need to have the SIM card inside for this purpose.

  5. I face a problem with Viber app, since i installed on my Lenovo tablet M8.

    I use Viber on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 phone. Some days ago i bought Lenovo tablet M8 and installed Viber app there. I was asked for authentication from my phone and so i did. When i switched off my tablet and opened Viber on my phone, i was asked to register, authenticate etc. on my phone. I did all that again but I lost some messages because the saved log, was from some hours ago. When i tried to open Viber again on my tablet, i faced again the same problems, register, authenticate, get codes via sms etc.

    Seems like everytime i try to use the app on one device, the other one is blocked. I made a little search on the internet about the problem and i think that Viber understands my tablet as my primary device, instead for my phone. It seems that viber can work on both devices only if one is set and primary and the other one as secondary. A guy on the net who faced the same problem with me on his samsung tablet, solved it by reducing the screen resolution of his tablet to the minimum, in order to be recognised from as secondary device, installed the app and then restored the resolution to the ideal one. I tried this but it didn’t work either.

    I e-mailed viber support about the problem and was given the link from viber’s website on how to install viber on a second device.

    Once again, i followed the instructions from the link that they gave me, but i still face the same problem.

    After entering and verifying my phone number on the tablet, i don’t get the message to scan a QR Code, but i am automatically logged in and just get an email to confirm my e-mail.

    That causes the viber app on my phone to crash and then i have to follow the same steps, press continue, type my phone number, country and verifying them. Then the app on my tablet crashes.

    I would also like to inform you, that i used to use Viber app on my previous phone, Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 pro, my previous Lenovo tablet and on my desktop Windows PC, without any of these problems for years.

    Hope to get an answer from you soon.

    Thanks in advance,


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