How to get Virtual Numbers for WhatsApp


Looking to mess around with your friends on WhatsApp, you’ll be needing virtual numbers for WhatsApp. The problem is that most us don’t know about that. There are hundreds of free services which are providing free virtual numbers for WhatsApp. 

Now everybody knows that in order to activate WhatsApp account you need to verify your number. Since we will be using virtual numbers to use WhatsApp. The main concern is that how we’ll get the verification code? The services which will be discussing provide the verification code against the number you’ll be using.

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free virtual number for whatsapp

How to get Virtual Numbers for WhatsApp:

Following are the best Virtual Number services that can be used for WhatsApp. Most of them are free but if you want more than 1 number, you have to pay a small fee.

Free Virtual Number for WhatsApp:

  • Proovl SMS:

A free SMS service, it provides you free USA and UK mobile numbers. Moreover, you can easily receive all the verification messages using Proovl SMS.

  • SMS Receive Free:

As the name says it all. It’s a free SMS service and provides you 25+ temporary phone number form UK, USA, and CA. All the numbers are changed after 21 days. You can use these numbers to activate WhatsApp without any hassle.

  • Hushed:

Hushed is the best service which provides you the virtual numbers for WhatsApp. You can download the Hushed app from Google Play and App Store. Moreover, it supports voice call verification. One thing you won’t like is, Hushed is not a free service.

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List of Site for Virtual Numbers for WhatsApp:

Following are the more services you can use to get Virtual Numbers for WhatsApp.

  • TalkaTone.
  • Receive SMS Online.
  • Virtual SMS Number.

How to Use Virtual Numbers for WhatsApp:

Step1: Download and Install fonyou app on your Android device.

Step2: Launch the App and Register on it.

Step3: Once you are registered, Open the app and you can start receiving Calls & messages.

Use the number they have provided and you can easily create a WhatsApp account using the virtual numbers.

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