Download WhatsApp Business 2.18.159 beta APK


Download WhatsApp Business 2.18.159 beta APK: Since the day Facebook acquired WhatsApp, it seems to be making the best use of this acquisition. If you have been following the trends Facebook has been putting forward lately, the introduction of this new WhatsApp application is definitely going to appeal you. WhatsApp has introduced a new Business feature. The application has got a new instance called WhatsApp Business. This is a completely new concept as far as communication applications are concerned. People have been making the use of WhatsApp messaging for their businesses recently. You can see a number of Facebook fan pages urging their customers to text their orders on a WhatsApp number. It looks like this very thing prompted Facebook to come up with a dedicated WhatsApp Business application.Download WhatsApp Business APK

WhatsApp announced the WhatsApp Business a month ago. The application is out in the beta stage now. Early testers can sign up for the survey and experience the WhatsApp Business. The new application maintains a proper profile of your business. It stores the address, contact details and everything else that the customer needs to know about your business. WhatsApp Business application has the scheduled reply feature as well for those who want to quickly drop automated replies to their customers. WhatsApp Business doesn’t replace your current WhatsApp application. You can install WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business at the same time on your phone. Both the applications will make the use of different phone numbers. You can use one phone number and two applications or you can use two phones and two applications and you can also use two phone numbers and two applications. WhatsApp Business will be making its way out very soon. The application’s APK file has already slipped out of WhatsApp’s hands. If you want to check out what’s new in this application, you can sign up to complete the survey and start experiencing the brand new WhatsApp Business.

Users who have been interacting with e-commerce based Facebook fan pages, they will find a number of similarities between the Facebook Messenger and the WhatsApp Business. You will find features like the status of the business representative whether he is busy or away. You will also find scheduled replies and automated welcome messages. The idea of WhatsApp Business seems to have originated from the Facebook Messenger for fan pages.

You can download the WhatsApp Business APK from below and then complete a short survey in order to be able to run this application right now.

Download WhatsApp Business 2.18.159 beta APK

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