Download WhatsApp for WiFi Tablet [Voice and Video Call Working]


WhatsApp is the smoothest communication application available for the platforms like Android and iOS. Back in the good old days, WhatsApp was only a texting messenger. Now, this application is capable of making voice and video calls as well. Installing WhatsApp on your Android phone is not something hard. But installing it on a tablet is a little bit tricky. No, we are not talking about the tablets which have the GSM capabilities. We are talking about the tablets which do not have the GSM and LTE capabilities. To be more appropriate, we are talking about the tablets without a SIM card support.Download WhatsApp for WiFi Tablet [Voice and Video Call Working]

Owning a good Android tablet and not being able to run WhatsApp on it doesn’t look like a good idea. If you have a WiFi tablet, you deserve to make the best out of it. You can install WhatsApp on a WiFi tablet by following a method that involves installing WhatsApp manually and then uses a neat trick to activate it. A couple of years ago, we shared a guide that taught users how to install WhatsApp on a WiFi tablet. Things have changed pretty much since then. Now that WhatsApp is capable of making voice and video calls, you must be wishing to make WhatsApp voice and video calls from your WiFi tablet as well. Keeping this need in view, we have this updated guide here now.

Here is a detailed tutorial to download WhatsApp for WiFi Tablet. You can make WhatsApp voice and video calls as well once you install WhatsApp on your tablet using this guide. Let’s have a look to learn how this can be done.

Download WhatsApp for WiFi Tablet [Voice and Video Call Working]

  1. First of all, you need a smartphone with a SIM card. This SIM card must not be already active on a WhatsApp account.
  2. Download the latest WhatsApp APK and copy it to your WiFi only Tablet.
  3. Now on your WiFi tablet, go to settings > security or lock screen & security > unknown sources > tap the radio button to allow unknown sources.
  4. Now using a File Manager, navigate and locate the copied WhatsApp APK.
  5. Tap the WhatsApp APK and install it now.
  6. Once installed, open newly installed WhatsApp from the App Drawer.
  7. As WhatsApp opens up, it will ask you for a phone number. Enter the phone number that you have not linked to any WhatsApp profile.
  8. Now you can either ask for a verification code by a verification message or by a call. Go ahead with what you like.
  9. Get the verification code from your secondary phone and enter the code here in WhatsApp on your WiFi tablet.
  10. WhatsApp will verify the code and you will be in. Now you have WhatsApp running on your WiFi tablet with voice and video calling capabilities.
  11. You will not be able to link contacts with WhatsApp. You can either install a contacts application from play store to save new contacts or you can tell your friends and family to text you on WhatsApp in order to save their numbers from the profile. That’s all.
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