Fix Incorrect Location Settings On Life360 [ Guide ]


With the help of my guide, you will be able to Fix Incorrect Location Settings On Life360. I have made a simple yet 100% working guide to Fix Incorrect Location Settings On Life360.

Incorrect Location Settings On Life360

As one of the most mainstream location-sharing services, Life360 has made some amazing progress since its 2008 beginning. It currently gives a huge number of families their friends and family’s whereabouts. In this regard, GPS location assumes an indispensable job inside this app.

Not at all like different apps, once you start getting location errors on Life360, believe me, this is not a small issue. The essential purpose of Life360 is to keep you refreshed with others’ whereabouts. Before falling back on uninstalling Life360 from your devices or smartphones, here are a couple of things that you can do to attempt to Fix Incorrect Location Settings On Life360.

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How To Fix Incorrect Location Settings On Life360:

The following are all the workarounds that you can use one by one to fix the location setting problems on Life360. Please make sure you go with step by step, that will help fix and also determine what the issue is and where.

Check GPS Is Turned ON?

This appears to be easy, yet you’d be astonished at how frequently individuals disregard the most evident things. Life360 is an app that is about location – it depends on GPS or Global Positioning System to pinpoint a gadget’s/device/smartphone’s precise whereabouts.

Each advanced cell phone is furnished with GPS innovation. In any case, in spite of the fact that the app itself will approach your phone’s GPS (after you affirm it, obviously), it won’t have the option to turn it on or off however it sees fit.

This implies the GPS include on a cell phone should be turned on in the event that you need your location to appear inside the app.

Turning on GPS is basic and clear, paying little heed to what device you have. It’s imaginable situated in the settings on your telephone or tablet.

GPS requires a strong measure of battery to run, yet there are approaches to change the settings to safeguard your battery life.

Turn on the WiFi:

It might appear to be somewhat unusual, yet turning on your Wi-Fi can really improve your location precision, in any event, when you aren’t associated with a wireless switch.

The clarification behind this? All things considered, in any event, when not associated with a switch, your gadget’s Wi-Fi will consequently quantify the quality of the indication of all neighborhood Wi-Fi Networks. This data doesn’t simply disappear – it’s utilized for triangulation. By deciding your gadget’s vicinity from wireless access gadgets, Life360 can get a much more clear picture with regards to where you’re found.

Truth be told, in certain occurrences, GPS is less solid than Wi-Fi regarding deciding your whereabouts. This is on the grounds that the entire rationale behind GPS depends on satellites. Indeed, the innovative wonders that circle our planet are those that make GPS conceivable. In any case, when you’re inside a structure, particularly a structure with various floors, this may meddle with your gadget’s GPS. So as to work flawlessly, it needs clear sky over your head.

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Then again, Wi-Fi has exactly the intended effect inside. It will attempt to contact the switches in the gadget’s vicinity. Thusly, it will gracefully the installed apps with this data. In correlation, GPS can be off by as much as a whole mile if there’s an overhead block.

VPN Makes Things Fuzzy:

VPN does help us in many ways but it also impacts the location accuracy. Not only with Life360 but with other apps too. I know VPN helps you unblock apps, ensure your safety, and more but when you are using Life360 I suggest you should turn off your VPN app.

HotSpot is no Good while using Life360:

One thing that you have to remember here is that the hotspot Wi-Fi signal did not depend on a real fixed physical location. It works dependent on triangulation and approximation, much like the satellites that decide your GPS location.

Thus, you’re likely happier abstaining from utilizing a hotspot. It won’t meddle with your location assurance, however, it will suck your battery dry. Join this with your telephone’s GPS and Wi-Fi, and your telephone’s battery life won’t be a long one.


IF you are using Data, keep that in mind. You will only get strong signals when you are in a good reception area. Otherwise, your signals will drop, and using Life360 on laggy internet won’t do any good.

So there were the best workarounds to Fix Incorrect Location Settings On Life360 on Android, iOS, etc.

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