Use Snapchat on a School’s Wi-Fi Network


With the help of my guide, all you guys who want to use Snapchat on a School’s Wi-Fi Network, they will. You can use the instructions provided below and easily bypass all the restrictions on your School’s Wi-Fi Network.

Nowadays, Teenagers, especially in schools and colleges, use Snapchat and other social media platforms more than anything. Keep that in mind, most of the schools and colleges have blocked services like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Snapchat on a School’s Wi-Fi

I mean that is really good, all the educational institutes should follow such strict policies. Teenagers should spend more time studying rather than uploading Snaps, Stories on social media apps.

But this is also learning, students should know a bit about the Tech world. So if you want to Use Snapchat on a School’s Wi-Fi Network, heed the instructions below.

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Before you proceed, you must know, a huge number of schools have very strict policies regarding the use of social media apps. That’s why they have closed Wi-Fi networks just for internal use. Moreover, they also provide students with pre-programmed devices so that they only use them for informational and academic purposes.

So if this is the scenario in your school, I think you must not follow the instructions provided below. Using these tricks means you are breaking your school laws & rules, which means you will in trouble if you get caught.

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That’s before doing anything keep the consequence in your mind. Now let’s proceed and learn how to Use Snapchat on a School’s Wi-Fi Network.

Use Snapchat on a School’s Wi-Fi Network

Ok, now as we are going to bypass all the restrictions on our school’s Wi-Fi network. But bypass all of them you need to know what are the restrictions. heed the instruction below and try all these one by one.

By trying these methods you will get to know what kind of restrictions are set to block Snapchat and other social media services.


Since you don’t know what kind of restrictions are applied to stop you from using Snapchat or Instagram, using Https does the job. But not all the time.

All you have to do is add HTTPS before the main URL. This trick works most of the time because I have learned that most of the school systems only block port 80 and they don’t go for port 443.

So I think you should give it a try.

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Use a Free Proxy:

This is another trick that I would suggest but I am not recommending it. You can always use Google to look for a free proxy and once you find one, type in the Url and you will bypass all the restrictions.

Why I don’t recommend using a free Proxy, there is only one reason for it. Free Proxy servers don’t encrypt your traffic. This means your IT administrator will know that what you have used on your device.

Use Snapchat on a School’s Wi-Fi Network using VPN

This method is 100% recommended and I have tested it. It’s pretty simple, all you have do is download and VPN app on your smartphone. You can unblock all the Websites and apps on your school’s WiFi.

But there is one thing you should keep in the mind, not all the free VPN apps do the job. It would be better to choose from the best free VPN Apps. Or you can always go for the paid version and believe they work. Moreover, it not only lets you unblock apps and websites.

All premium VPN encrypts your traffic and also they have pretty tight security measures when it comes to privacy. So If you do go for paid ones, you will be glad to know that, your data & connection are secure and encrypted.

Use Snapchat on a School’s Wi-Fi Network using Portable Browser

If you are using a closed network in your school that means you cannot install Add-ons on your browser as-well. Same as you cannot use some apps and websites on a closed WiFi network. However, you will be glad to know, you can use portable browsers and install any Add-on you want to.

Get yourself a USB Drive, download portable browser such as Oprea & Firefox. Plug USB in your system and directly open your portable browser form the USB.

That’s all for today. Please do try these tricks and unblock Instagram or Snapchat on a School’s WiFi network.

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