Download PUBG Mobile Vietnam APK [PUBG Mobile VN]


Vietnamese fans of PUBG Mobile can download the game in their own language now. PUBG Mobile lovers from Vietnam can download PUBG Mobile Vietnam APK aka PUBG Mobile VN from here. We have attached the latest version of PUBG Mobile VN here.

PUBG Mobile Vietnam APK

The most popular battleground game at the moment is PUBG Mobile. The mobile variant of PUBG is even more popular than its desktop variant. PUBG Mobile is famous for a number of reasons. Not only this game brings interesting and engaging gameplay, it, in fact, laid a foundation for a whole new genre of games on smartphones. We saw a huge number of games coming right after the announcement of PUBG Mobile. All these games tried to put forward the concept of PUBG Mobile, but they massively failed. Not a single PUBG Moble ripoff actually matches or beats what PUBG Mobile has to offer. One of the reasons for PUBG Mobile to be so much popular is the number of languages and variants it comes in. For example, if your phone doesn’t support the full version of PUBG Mobile, you have its Lite version. If you are living in Korea, you can find PUBG Mobile Korean which will be in the Korean language. Similarly, users living in Vietnam have the PUBG Mobile VN. The developers of PUBG have put in a lot of efforts to cater to their audience all across the globe.

PUBG Mobile Vietnam APK

Before you download PUBG Mobile Vietnam APK, I would like to give you a recap of this game’s concept.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a battleground FPS game. In this game, over a 100 players jump off from a C130 plane onto an isolated Island. After reaching the ground, the players have to start looking for items and supplies like clothes, weapons, energy drinks, etc. The idea is to equip yourself with everything useful and then look for the enemies. If you are playing this game as a single player, you have 99 enemies on the Island. If you are playing in a team, you have 95 other enemies as you have 4-5 players in your team. The goal is to survive until the end. The one standing till the end gets a chicken dinner.


The action is taking place between abandoned buildings. You can break into houses, hospitals, and offices to find weapons and supplies. After you kill your enemies, you can loot their boxes and bags. Keep your inventory filled with all the needed items so that the chances of your survival are higher. You can drive around in cars and trucks. Find safe places to hide from the enemies. Wear a bulletproof west to get through a rain of bullets. You have to play this game carefully to avoid your enemies. You never know who finds you when and you will not be able to even see the direction the bullet is coming from. PUBG Mobile seems easy at the start, but the game gets really tough as you level up. If you are looking forward to spending a good 4-5 hours of playing an interesting game, PUBG Mobile may be the best choice at the moment.

That was a glimpse of what PUBG Mobile is all about. Download PUBG Mobile VN APK from below and follow the instructions to install it.

PUBG Mobile Vietnam APK

  1. Download PUBG Mobile VN (0.11.0)APK Link
  2. Copy the APK to your phone.
  3. On your phone, using a file manager, open PUBG Mobile VN APK.
  4. If the APK asks for installation permission, allow it.
  5. Complete the installation now.
  6. Launch the game from the app drawer.
  7. The game will take some time to download its data.
  8. Enjoy the game in your language. That’s all.

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