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Don’t know which is the best Screen protector for galaxy s10. I have got you covered. In the pursuit of a truly bezel-less display, Samsung opted for in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner this year. This is this first commercial implementation of this technology. Some key advantages of this new tech include faster unlocking speed, fingerprint recognition even when either finger or phone is wet and more security. Overall, Galaxy S10 and S10+ are very impressive devices. However, this new tech has a little catch and most people may not already know about it.

glass protector for galaxy s10 s10+

How does Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner work?

To put it simply, an ultrasonic pulse is fired at the finger’s underside. This impulse is aimed at the pores and ridges of fingerprint. this pulse bounces back in unique fashion, due to ridges and pores in fingerprint. This return signal is verified to check a person’s identity. It is not a visual verification but actually based on the actual pores and ridges. These are unique for every single person. Therefore, it is practically impossible to cheat.

In order for this to work properly, the fired impulse must travel back unaltered. Otherwise the data is corrupted and scanner won’t read it. Unlike the OnePlus 6T’s scanner that uses bright light to scan fingerprint, it actually depends on the ultrasonic impulse and its response.

Why do normal Tempered Glass protectors not work with Galaxy S10/S10+?

Since the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner depends on accuracy of return signal, therefore, if this signal is distorted, then it won’t recognize. The distortion or difference in result is due to 2 main reasons: you applied tempered glass protector after saving the fingerprint or the applied tempered glass is not compatible with Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+.

Samsung has officially announced that all Galaxy S10 and S10+ models will ship with pre-install screen protectors. The company also acknowledges that normal protectors may not work with this tech. However, according to tests done on this phone, plastic screen protects can work. They do not distort the signal as much. However, any average tempered glass protector will cause signal distortion.

List of working Tempered Glass/Protectors with S10/S10+

When it comes to tempered glass, manufacturers have opted for a hole in place of fingerprint scanner. Note that this is not a complete hole. This is just a hollow space under the top surface. The purpose of this hollow space to not let signal distortion. Thicker the glass, more the distortion. Considering this, normal plastic screen protectors should work with S10 and S10+. And according tests conducted by several YouTubers and so, it does work. However, we still recommend you store the fingerprints after applying protector.

1: Samsung’s Recommended protector

Samsung is shipping both S10 and S10 plus with pre-installed protectors. The official replacements for pre-installed parts is priced at $29.99 initially. This price may drop further in future. When the phone launches, you can get it from the official Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ accessories store HERE


2: Whitestone Dome Glass protector

whitestone dome glass protector for galaxy s10 s10+

When searching for a glass protector for one of these phones, you may come across the term Dome Glass Screen Protector for S10 or S10 Plus a lot. It is one of the best glass protectors for curved displays. However, it takes a bit longer and more effort to apply it.

Despite the effort, at the time of writing, the company claims that it is the only aftermarket glass protector that works with Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. Many consumers have already confirmed that it works well with ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

However, there is still a catch! Users have to re-register their fingerprints after installing it. Otherwise, the pre-installed settings may not work. The reasons for this is that the glass surface between screen and finger distorts the signal. Fingerprints stored after application of protector take in account the distortion. Therefore, the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner still works.

Since the application is so smooth and uniform all over the surface, there is little to no chance of error after installing it once.

Whitestone Dome Glass Protector for Galaxy S10: Get it Here

Whitestone Dome Glass Protector for Galaxy S10+: Get it Here

Final Words

You might be wonderin, why is the list so short? Well, there aren’t many viable options at this time. Moreover, you may find some glass protectors that have a cutout hole in them. Now, it definitely will work but it is very unpleasant to use on top of being very ugly! We will never recommend those. The best option right now is Samsung’s recommended accessory. However, if you are looking for an aftermarket solution, then go for Whitestone Dome Glass.

cutout hole glass protector for galaxy s10 s10+

We will keep updating this list as more companies make compatible screen protectors for Galaxy S10 and S10+ Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

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